Features .com as this is worldwide. When the

Features of fundamental of websites: P1 What is a domain name? It is part of a network address which identifies it as belonging to a particular domain.

Some examples of a domain name: .com, .co.uk, .esp, .

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ac.uk, .net. The most used domain name is .com as this is worldwide. When the first domain name system was implemented in January 1985, the domain com was one of the first set of top level domains. Some other high profile domains are esp which is used in Spain and ac which are used in universities. What do we use domain names for? Domain names are used to identify one or more IP addresses.

For example, the domain name microsoft.com represents about a dozen IP addresses. Domain names are used in URLs to identify particular Web pages. For example, in the URL http://www.pcwebopedia.com/index.html, the domain name is pcwebopedia.

com. What is a site map? A site map is how you can navigate around a website and get to different sections of the website. This is important to a business on their website as it allows the customers to get to different sections of the website easily and to find what they want very quickly.

If customers find it to be like this they are more likely to return to this business and continue using their website to help them find things quickly. A hierarchical site is where the website has a link which can take you to other links and so on, it basically works like a chain system. A hierarchical site will have more information on it. An example of a hierarchical website is the BBC website. A mesh site is where the website has a few links all on the same page and the links take you straight to the information that you want. The problem with this is that there will be limited information on these websites that use a mesh site.

Hyperlinks: Hyperlinks are links that you can click to take you to different websites and resource (internal/external). For example if you click on a hyperlink it may take you to a homepage of a website. They are often blue when not visited but once they have been visited they turn purple. Navigation bar: A navigation bar is found at the top of webpages or on the left side of webpages and is a graphical interface which allows users to access different information. They are found on nearly every webpage that you visit to allow you to get many different websites from where you are.

It allows the users of the webpages to navigate through the websites. It provides an easy and visual way for the users to travel form website to website. Page design: On a webpage the banner will go at the top so that everyone sees the business name and maybe the slogan of the business. The navigation bar will go at the top underneath the banner or on the left side of the webpages.

The contents of the webpages will be found in the middle of the webpage below the navigation bar. This is where most people visit on a website as this is where all the important information is. Designing for different browsers and devices: For different devices like TV’s, tablets and phones they will require different webpages which are more useful and compatible to their designs. This is because the designs may be smaller or bigger and they will need to be able to fit the relevant information on. They will also require different design so that they work properly and function correctly also making sure that the audience can use it. Browser rendering is used to convert HTML code into a visual webpage which can include pictures, videos and the main text.

Responsive design for mobile/tablet technology: Responsive design refers to how well a webpage render on different devices and window or screen sizes. A business will need to make sure that there webpages run correctly so it make their customers lives easier as they will be able to get around the website easier and they will be able to get to where they want to get to. If the business has problems with their webpages they may lose customers as they won’t want to be taking ages to find things when there could be other businesses out there that’s websites work effectively. Many people these days are transferring information to mobiles/tablets as it makes life easier for them. Browser rendering:Browser rendering is used to convert HTML code into a visual webpage which can include pictures, videos and the main text.

Without this the visuals on the webpages wouldn’t be very good. World Wide Web Consortium – open and closed standards in web development: It is an international organisation where full time staff and the public come together to develop the web standards. It has around 474 members that make it work. It aims to ensure that the World Wide Web works to its full potential. For them to try and achieve this they are made up of several hundred organisations from a variety of related IT industries.

An open standard is a standard that is public so that anyone can see it or search for it. A closed standard is the opposite of an open standard which means that the file format, protocol or program has wide public acceptance. Storage of data: Data storage is the way in which you store your information so that it is safe and secure and so that no one can steal your information which could be private.

We store our information using technology and store it on the cloud. Businesses have to keep their customers information securely because if they release they will end up in serious trouble as it shouldn’t be their decision to release it. Businesses use databases to store information as they can store a lot of it together. Methods of user interaction: Methods of user interaction include counting the number of clicks they get on a website, they could count the amount of touches if the user is using phones or tablets and the amount of scrolls could be counted. User may interact with websites by voice interaction as it could be essential for that user if they have disabilities.

M1 Security Risks: A threat to your website is denial of service attack. This is where a hacker has gained illegal control of thousands of computers across the world and sends to you server requests of information which is a way for hackers of to gain information from you. The server then becomes overloaded and can’t cope so it stops working and the website vanishes for a short while.

Another threat to you website is that the hacker could ruin your brand and reputation. They could do this by hacking into your website and changing the information on their and making the data offensive so that they lose customers and gain a bad customer reputation which would mean that they achieved they goal of trying to ruin their website and career. SQL injection is a code that might destroy your database. It is also one of the most common hacking techniques used on the web.

The way that hackers use SQL injection is by the placement of malicious code in SQL statement. The way that you protect yourself from SQL injection is by putting in SQL parameters. A business can reduce the chance of interception by using a leased line when transferring data files as a leased line is a point to point connection line therefore it is hard for hackers to intercept the information. Hackers use unvalidated input to try and bypass the websites security mechanisms. The way that they do this is by tampering with the HTTP request, including the URL, headers, form fields, querying, cookies, and hidden fields. This is how they try to bypass the security systems.

Some ways to prevent hacking are by having complex passwords so that it makes it hard for hackers to know what it is. Also you should change your password often so that it makes it harder for the hackers to guess as you are constantly changing it. You should also log out of accounts when you are finished using them so that if someone got onto your phone they couldn’t access anything important. To keep your computer secure you could encrypt your hard drive so the hacker can’t read your data. Also make sure that you have installed or activated a firewall so it stops ‘dodgy things’ getting sent to your computer.

A business should always encrypt there data as it means that only authorised parties can view it which keeps the data safe and secure. Encryption keeps the data in coded form so that the hacker can’t read the information.


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