Feelings: to nature(Environment), nature is dynamic as

Feelings: Watching the video instigated me to appreciate the beauty of nature and how it affects us as human when we appreciate and allow nature to affect our lives positively in enriching our totality as humansWhat I value most: As humans, our lives are tied to nature(Environment), nature is dynamic as such, nature has a way of influencing and impacting lives.

The ecosystem in Social work. The ecosystem in social work is applying a perspective that focuses on families, persons, cultures, policies, communities and to recognise and intercede in areas relating to strength and weaknesses in the relationship among the systems. This perspective enables for a better understanding of humans and the environment in a way to accelerate the relationship that exists between among ecosystem. It is interesting to know that one of the guiding frameworks in social work practice is focused on the person in the environed. Services: This is what humans benefit from the natural environment such as climate control and diseases, waste management, food supply, flood regulation, recreational benefit, clean potable water etc.Feelings watching the Fiji and Serbia videos: I feel very devastated haven’t seen how climate change has deprived vulnerable people, negatively affecting them economically, emotionally and socially. Thus, subjecting them to poverty and low standard of living.

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it also applies to Serbia, the environment is polluted and hazardous to health, however, destabilised economic activities especially for farmers and fishermen since the waters and soil are heavily polluted by toxic chemicals.Application of Environmental Justice: From a social work perspective, the people of Fiji have gone through economic, psychological, Social deprivation because of climatic change that has displaced them resulting in poverty and low standard of living, government should provide basic needs such as shelter, food, relief materials and food as a way in ameliorating hardship experience by habitat of Fiji. Government owe it as a duty to implement and enforce strict laws that will guide the environment with the aim to checkmate the activities and practices that are detrimental to the environment and wellbeing of humans. E.g.

It will reduce pollution and waste generated by big and influential companies in mining, production and manufacturing. Thus, promote policies and governance geared in achieve development and sustainability.However, the technical assistant can be provided by Eco social workers in collaboration with government and foreign organizations in legal advice, organize community workshop training for sensitization awareness about the dangers and practices that are dangerous to the environment. Collective effort to enforce that green lands are preserved and the need to plant trees around.

Equip and orientate them on how to manage devastation because of climate change if in the even it reoccurs in the future with the aim to reduce the effect of devastation.


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