Fertility free education or raising awareness on

Fertility rates have been decreasing in an extremely high rate in the past 70 years.

It is one of the main issues discussed when talking about a countries economic status. Most countries suffer from the fall in their populations fertility rates, and most of these countries invest and fight to return the rates back to their normal levels.Many factors control the fertility rates in a country and there are many explanations for these dropping rates, whether they are health issues caused by the current pollution levels and low-quality food, the increasing childcare and education expenses, or the unwillingness to take a risk of having and raising child. These reasons and much more are harming most countries’ economic levels and workforces.

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Although some governments are having aims to return fertility rates back to their normal levels, by investing more on low cost childcare or free education or raising awareness on the low birth rates and the extinction of mankind. However, this might not be the best solution. Countries who focus on having a large workforce might have a huge unemployment rate which does not cope very well with increasing birth rates. This means there is huge advantages governments can take from the disaster of low fertility rates, these advantages might be in improving education or developing the current workforce in every country. Resolving the issue of decreasing fertility rates by investing on increasing them shouldn’t be a government’s main concern. Focusing more on stabilizing the current fertility rates could help the country and its population in many ways, but most of which are education and employment.

Lower fertility rates can help in developing the education level of a country. With lower fertility rates, there are fewer youngsters who demand education. This can be really helpful when implementing smaller class sizes, which studies have shown to have a higher success rate than an ordinary twenty-five to thirty students class sizes.

A smaller class size has can benefit students more in various ways, it makes it easier for teachers to identify issues and have more one to one time with each student and can easily form better relationships with all the students. These small benefits can have a huge effect on employment rates and on longer terms, the country’s economy. A bigger economic issue is the high unemployment rates in many countries, some of which are the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Those countries have a high percentage of unemployment, each having around a rate of 4.5%. This issue can be solved by improving education, as mentioned previously.


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