Fiction Essay
“The Lottery” and “The Rocking-Horse Winner”
Two authors use the exemplifications for both stories; these two stories have unique plots, conflicts, and structures within unfortunate novels.
1. Two separate attitudes are taking in each story, which also makes the story line differently.
a. “The Lottery,” the story line is more on an different attitude that makes readers feel at ease, but as the plot goes on you, ten to feel more uneasy which leaves the readers in suspense.
b. “The Rocking-Horse Winner” start unusually nonetheless the story line begins with good things happening as stories persist.
2. The stories are heartbreaking novels that show conflicts happen in two entirely different ways.
a. “The Lottery,” The conflict does not appear at the end.
b. ‘The Rocking-Horse Winner,” however the conflict shows up at the beginning of the story.
3. In both stories, the two authors used notable depiction in different ways.
a. “The Lottery,” the underline conflict is not brought to the surface until the end. Which keeps the reader continually wanting for more the thrill of what’s is to come.
b. “The Rocking-Horse Winner,” however the conflict revealed from the beginning of the story line with it more dismal or depressing take. The story line is on a more spiral effect portraying both the good and evil.


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