Final Year Project on…. BEHAVIOUR OF CONSUMER

Final Year Project on….

BEHAVIOUR OF CONSUMER IN BUYING BALL PENSProject Guide: Prof. Martine AttalixDECLARATIONM.shakila banu, the student of Eslsca Business School Paris , hereby declare that this projec is result of culmination of my sincere efforts.I declare that this submitted work done solely by me and to the best of my knowledge, no such work has been subimitted by any other person for the award of post graduation Degree or Diploma.

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We also declare that all the information from various secondary sources has been duly acknowledge in this Project Report.ACKNOWLEDGEMENTA project report is never successfuly completed without the guidance from appropriate person. So, Now it is the right time to express my sincere and gratitiude towards all those, who have helped me to complete the project.I would like to thank our Director alexandra joseph who has given me the opportunity. I am very much grateful to the Internal Guide Miss Attali who guidance and support helped me to complete this project successfully.

Without their guidance the work would never been completed.And I am greatly to all advisors who helped me knowingly or unknowingly for getting the information and taking interest in this report. At last but not least I would like to appreciate my grandfather who always motivated me directly and indirectly to do my work with almost dedication. Behaviour of consumer in buying ball pens:Consumer :EXECUTIVE SUMMARY SYNOSPSISBEHAVIOUR OF CONSUMER IN BUYING BALL PENSThe project has more importance in the world of business. Practical is more good than the theory.

“doing something is to make better” To get aware of how theoretical ideas are being happening at TWPL, I followed to take an overview summary of all the departments of the business and its operating mechanism. I got an opportunity to learn lot about the process.The study of my project is BEHAVIOUR OF CONSUMER IN BALL PENS. The pen is normal thing which is used by every one. There are lot of varieties zaavailable in the market with different cost.

Each and Every company of pen where producing pen with lot of designs and varieties (gel, nip, colour shape etc,) The pen market has more competition among the competitor. The consumer has different types of taste in choosing the brand of pen on his behaviour of buying. Its really hard to describe the behaviour of consumer. Even though I found out how the consumer choose her brand in pen. How do they choose for brand?? which influences them to buy the particular brand?INTENTION OF THE REPORT?To know about the business part and to run the profitability in the competitive of business environment.?To know about each department and its link with other sub department with the system of business.?To get the practical interface, should apply the concept of theory.

?To understand the behaviour of consumers in case of pen.INDUSTRY OVERVIEWThe writing properties market in India is profitability market with different types of brand. Every one of us using pen and pencil in our daily life. Writing instruments plays a main role in every places(school, colleges, household). Estimated market for writing properties is around 1600 to 2400 million pieces a year.

The market of writing properties is about 22 million in value and is grown up around 8-10% yearly.Today the writing properties industries have been more developed. The writing industries sector is one of the high aggregate market. In this advantage world the age of internet and cell phones can get dominate in the market but still there is no alternate for the writing properties. Main players of ball point pen in Indian market are: cello, lexis, Reynolds, today’s etc. In all those pens, today’s, Reynolds and cello has high share in the market . Today’s ball pen company has large numbers and different types of ball pen according to the needs of the customer.

Within today’s pen product, today’s gel is one of the most pen sold. In Reynolds 0.02 and 0.05 pens are most sold and In cello cello grip ink grib cello pens are most sold.A monthly sale of a retailer in India between Rs.5000-500000. however, it differ from one class to another.

In all the pens sold 75 % are of blue ink and 25% of black ink. Moreover lite impression consists 66% in the market and thick impression consists 34%.Pen is major product and its price is more important. Price place an important role in buying decision. When customer choosing a pen, first they choose a colour of ink second choosing type of pen and fourth and third will be the brand of pen.

In some cases customer preferred another brand when their brand is not available at retailer, and some customer will not go for the unique brand so here the involvement of customer is low.HISTORY OF THE COMPANY(COMPLETE COMPANY OVERVIEW)Rajesh k. droilla who incorporated the company today’s writing product limited(TWPL) in april 29 1992 as creative stationo product limited. In India he is the one of the most leading first entrepreneur in pen manufacturer. Since October 1995 the company name has been changed from creative stationo to Today’s writing product limited. The other interest of the company is business supplies, oil gas, and construction. Again in 2011 the company changed its name as Today’s writing instrument limited.

The manufacturer plant of today’s writing instruments is located at dadra. It is one of the top most company in manufacturing the writing products. They were manufacturing more than 35 varieties of pen from ball pen, gel , roller pen to highlighters.They operates an in house, The research department focuses on new product development. The total turnover towards the research and development department is 2%.TWPL launches 15 new product each and every year .

They were manufacturing 9.5 lakhs pens per day in house and outsource 5.5 lakhs per day through the manufcaturer facilities with their contracts groups of companies.?M/S Premium Writing Products Limited?M/S Millennium Writing Products Limited.TWPL has their strong anad best multiple distribution channel seen by sales force surrounding all countries. The network reaches around 40000 retailers and their product outlet directly through 1440 distributors and 57 super distributors.

Mon ami is major agreement inked with korean writing instrument, is to facilitate the TWPL to leverage the international manufacturing and distribution network of mon ami.Today’s pen is one of the best known and appreciated worldwide because of their original designs quality price and the pen is very easy to use.India’s largest range of smart looking, high performance gel ink and ball point pens in variety of colors and inks available at different price points. Today’s pen is with every everyone from kids to professional or a senior executive.Business Areas.Writing Instruments: They are manufacturing around 1.

5 millions pens everyday. They received very big order from a multinational departmental store in Europe.Oil and Gas : This is another subsidiary that is Today’s Petrotech has signed agreeemtn with ITT to integrade it activity of manufacturing and to spread the pumps to the indian market.

Construction : Today’s infrastructure and construction is engaged in expolring the opportunity in the construction sector.AWARDS?GOT BEST COMPANY AWARD IN THE RETAIL SECTOR YEAR 2007?BEST EXPORT AWARD OF THE YEAR IN 2005?HONOURED WITH DOMESTIC AWARD OF THE YEAR IN 1999 MARKET PLAYERS These are the major players in Writing Instruments Industry in India:Cello Cello is India’s most identify writing intrumet brand and broad manufacturer and ditributor of stationery brands. They started their journey in 1995 by producing and marketing the pens with imported tips and german inks. Cello company had a 75% stake in BIC, and now It has increasedin the domestic stationery player to 100% for 74 millions euros(about 540 crore). cello writing instrument started by the family ” Rathod” in 1995 and they play biggest role in producing and marketing the wiriting instruements in the country. CELLO is considering as Market Leader in the writing


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