Finally, of rewards programs that promote environmental

Finally, skill development and motivation GHRM literature indicates the importance of reward and compensation practices in achieving strategic environmental goals (Unsworth et al., 2013). By rewarding employees for their commitment to environmental practices, organisations can increase the motivation and enthusiasm of their staff towards environmental behaviour (Jabbour & Santos, 2008; Jabbour & Jabbour, 2016). To achieve this, HR managers design reward systems to mirror management’s environmental commitment while reinforcing and motivating employees’ actions towards corporate greening (Daily & Huang, 2001). For example, Calia et al. (2009) studied the success of rewards programs that promote environmental sustainability in 27 countries and found that rewards relate to environmental performance of the organisation. Similarly, Renwick et al.

(2013) in their study found that management commitment increases commitment from workers by encouraging them to become more involved in eco-initiatives. In this way, reward and compensation systems in ‘green’ organisations focus on both elements – eliminating negative ‘non-green’ behaviours and encourage positive environmentally-friendly behaviours (Zoogah, 2011).

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