FinFETs voltage as a result of their

FinFETs are next generation transistors, which utilize multi-gate structure.

In FinFET as the gate electrode wraps the channel from all three sides to give better electrostatic control of the channel.FinFETs have the following advantages over bulk MOSFETs: ·       Power consumption- Very less leakage and parasitic current leading to less static power.·       Operating Voltage- FinFETs operate at a lower voltage as a result of their lower threshold voltage. ·       No Short channel effect- Excellent electrostatic control of the channel 15.·       No Body effects in FinFETs when compared to planar CMOS.·       The realization of self-aligned double-gate devices in FinFET with a conventional CMOS process is attractive 7.

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 E. Manufacturing Challenges of FinFET TechnologyTransition from planar structure to FinFET involves many manufacturing challenges.  Especially with respect to Pattering and formation of the fins demands a tighter control on manufacturing and processing steps 10.

Below are the some of the manufacturing challenges in realizing FinFETs.  ·       Fin ShapeFirst Finfet-based high performance complex logic product was Intel’s 22nm node microprocessor. It has been built with finfet sidewalls sloping at about 8 degrees from vertical. Such shape has several practical advantages for manufacturability of this technology 18:-      Fins with lower aspect ratio (height : width) are more mechanically sturdy thus less vulnerable to damage during manufacturing process;-      Sloping sidewalls assure better fill of trenches between fins with fin isolation dielectric;-      Etching gate spacer off fin sidewalls is easier than for vertical fins;-      Gate etch, which in finfets requires much more overetch, is easier;-      Doping of source and drain extensions by implantation is easier as sloped sidewalls are more suitable for dopant placement by vertical or low angle tilt implants. 


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