First, to their friends or family about their

First, the performances of the services time always play important role especially for business that have services that need to interact with customers every single day. A good example of this services is bank retail. With good performance in services, it will bring benefit to the businesses in which the management took seriously by understand how precise and value the time of their customer. By giving full attention on services to the customer, eventually the business will increase in profit and their will get customers satisfaction. If the management did not take any action on the improving services time when the services time are horrible to customers, the risk of the business will be very high. As customers satisfaction decrease the sale will definitely go down.

Hence, the key to success in business is the customer satisfaction. Once the company treat the customer badly resulting no customer satisfaction, it can bring bad reputation to the business. The customer will talk negatively and badly to their friends or family about their experiences and eventually decide not to come back again in the future.

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