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First of all, I would like to mention the difference between intelligence and social intelligence. Social intelligence is the ability to manage and cooperate with people around you. While intelligence means how smart you are. A person can be really intelligent with very low social intelligence. From this definition it is obvious that social intelligence is a necessary skill in the workplace. With this skill a person can communicate better and even have better communication or have others cooperate easily around him. People with a high social intelligence level can understand what’s going on at the workplace and respond skillfully to the situation so they will be a better team member. One example of social intelligence at the workplace is management. A good manager should be able to move all of the people in his group to work goal and that needs social intelligence. Of course, it takes hard work to develop this skill. A starting point can be trying to become a better speaker or trying to have more skill to respond to any questions or more attention should be paid to the workplace around you. These are just the things I just know about social intelligence.


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