I have the desire to

First of all, I have the desire to complete my Master in British university because of the wide reputation and scientific place that enjoy among other universities in the world. I would like to obtain high certificate in my selected specialization which is (Public Administration) for respective and highly scientific and academic study which gives to those who wish it in the field of work or studying. My previous major was ((Public Administration)). I get a job in public agency. Both of my study and work in public sector gave me a good background about administrative models, how to set the plan for the future of organization and dealing with different issues of personal management or human resource management.

My dream is to work as a diplomat at the ministry of foreign affairs in my country or work in an international organization. My previous experience with new experience will help me to develop my capabilities in the field of (International Relations). It will enhance my academic and practical abilities. I am from Iraq, my country witnessed many wars since 1980 until now. I need to study (International Relations) because this major will enable me to understand how countries can build their relations and living together peacefully.

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