First with someone you need to chat or

First of all to start a relationship with someone you need to chat or communicate. Communication is the element that helps 2 or more people to find the common ground on which they can start a relationship. The process of sharing information (hobbies, likes, dislikes) about the people involved is helping us to grow a relationship on trust which improves the well-being of others.
Second if you use the communication effectively with someone they will start feeling comfortable speaking with you and they will be more open with their opinions, ideas, issues and emotions. They will trust you with helping them during bad times and they will be there for you as well when you need them. This will lead to a relationship of win-win; you will get a: friend, co-worker (who will enjoy working with you- and both of you will strive for your best) or a good student (who will see you as a good teacher or a role model).
If you want to earn the children`s trust and respect you should learn how to communicate effectively. This will make them wish to be someone like you and will try their best to learn so you would be impressed by their effort. But there are some students/children who has issues in some areas (learning, making friends, behaviour, etc.) and to help them you should use the communication effectively and this will change their view of the world to a happier one.
In conclusion if the communication is used effectively it will be important in any relationship with anyone not just friends, students, co-workers or family because it helps creating them where there aren’t any and strengthen the ones that exists already.


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