First of all

April 18, 2019 Critical Thinking

First of all,what is fast food restaurants? Fast food restaurants is the biggest restaurants and very popular in every country in this world.It is because the fast food restaurants receive a great response from a public. Nowdays ,there are few type of fast food restaurants in this world such as McDonald, Kfc, Starbucks, and Burger King . The fast food restaurants has a good management and a powerfull planning in attractive a people to come to the fast food restaurants.The fast food restaurants also has bring a bad effect to our people.How fast food restaurants can become popular and what is the effect of fast food restaurants to people?.There a two causes and one effect of popularity fast food restaurants is the food taste good , cheap and affordable price and major causes of diseases.
Firstly, the causes of fast food restaurants is the food taste good.Many people argued that food fast restaurants has a marvellous and delicious meal because they love on keeping eat fast food for their whole day.The ingredient in the fast food is salt and sugar that totally make the food tastes very well.According to Sommer, J. (2014) the fast food have a lot of sugars,calories and a certain ingredient that can make the food very sweet and tastes. For example , the food at fast food restaurants is French fries, Hamburger and Ice cream that has a lot of sugar and calories to make it tastes very delicious.
Secondly, the causes of fast food restaurants is cheap and affodable price