First everyone has access to emails. In my

First the main communication methods are email, letter, telephone, and verbal conversations. All of these different types of methods are used in the business environment. Conversations are used in both formal and informal ways. Talking to a customer? Formal.

Talking to a colleague? Informal. Conversation are direct so it’s easier if you need to find something out. Whereas emails and letters take time. Talking verbally is beneficial to both the party’s involved. You can tell by the body language and facial expressions whether someone is enjoying the conversation or if they are bored. Letters are written in formal text, to the customers. These are used as there are many advantages to using it over email. Letters are mainly used to send out important forms which need filling in as not everyone has access to emails.

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In my role in the workforce, we send the letters to the address that is given to us via the DVLA. As this gives us the address of the registered owner of the vehicle. And not everyone will have included an email address. Emails are used as they are quicker than letters. Most employees write multiple emails each day as they are easier to do than writing and posting a letter. The email is often used as an information tool after a meeting. Managers can sum up the key points of a meeting and they can send to more than one person at any one time. You can also send attachments via email, such as photos and word documents.

Telephones are often used in my workplace. It makes it easier for our clients who are confused by something or need some advice to contact us. Many of the phone calls that I take are ones where our clients are confused as to why they were issued a Penalty Charge Notice.

Obviously using a phone makes it easier for me to give them advice straight away instead of having to wait for letters or emails. Using a telephone ensures that your point of conversation get across straight away.


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