First sooo big. It took me a the

First week of high school fun,scaring,interesting were some of the feeling in my first week of school.This was a brand new experience for me and the most adventures i would say since i didn’t know alot about this school.When some grade niners walked in the school they looked scared,I was to but only to find out if I got a good or a bad teacher and thanks god all of them are good.Me personally i think first day of school is one of the easiest days since there is no homework,assignment and ect. First lunch I had Omg it was sooo long and it was sooo loud in the atrium.I didn’t even know what to do since the school was sooo big. It took me a the whole lunch to find my friend and i have no phone so yea.

All my teachers started a ice breaker game for the first period but Math.On the first days we started talking notes and not even one page three pages then homework of course but on the second day first period of Math.That just ruin my whole day. Third and fourth day i kind of got use to the school and actually found out how big it was.other than this first day of school were great and had a lot of fun.

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