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Firstly, driverless cars can effectively reduce carbon dioxide emission, through use of alternate source of power. According to the United States Department of Transportation, congestion costs “US$11 billion” (2015), this leads to emission of “2.4million” pound of carbon dioxide each second and “38.2 billion” tons annually. According to Stern (2008), “almost 40% of total US carbon dioxide emissions are associated with residences and cars, so changing patterns of urban development and transportation can significantly impact emissions.

“(1) The Department of transport San Francisco reveals from their research (2017) that, fuel consumption will fall by 12.4 per cent on urban roads by the effective use of driverless cars. (2) Some experts might believe that driverless cars can be fuel efficient but, experts from the University of Leeds, Bloomberg?argues?that power consumption of autonomous vehicles will drop significantly over the long term but the fuel consumption would not drop but remain the same (2016). (3). We can also see Ford’s “$1 billion” investment in an artificial-intelligence company this year, which concluded that driverless cars could save a certain amount of fuel on low degree of consumption but cannot save fuel consumption considerably as we might expect, and increase the traffic congestion and increase our time in highways and motorways (The Wall Street Journal, 2015) (4). However, driverless cars can not only reduce fuel efficiency but they can also effectively reduce greenhouse gases.(Lemar, 2015) There is an annual increase of “249” percent increase of emission of greenhouse gases (Kakali Sikdar, 2013) which can be reduced by “2” percent in long run and “1.

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8″ per cent in short run. (5) “Automated vehicles open up opportunities for saving fuel, reducing greenhouse gases emission and saves the environment as well,” U.S. Transportation Secretary. (Anthony Foxx, 2016). (6) Secondly, the primary concern with transportation is safety; hence the most obvious and largest benefit to the replacement of regular human drivers cars with self-driving cars is the decrease in traffic collisions.

According to Lt Gen Dahi Khalfan Commander in chief of the Dubai Police, 90% of the road accidents are related to bad driving behaviour, driving recklessly and speeding under the influence of alcohol, changing lanes without signalling and passing through red lights (Olarte, 2011). The majority of car crashes are caused by human errors, and if this proposition is implemented, the number of fatalities due to car accidents per year will dramatically plummet. In 2012, a Google driverless car had driven over 300,000 miles, with only two accidents being reported, both of which had been a human’s fault (Urmson, 2012). Autonomous cars will have quicker reflexes than humans which make more reliable judgements and will not commit silly mistakes such as texting whilst driving. As a collateral for reducing accidents, this innovation could theoretically also save the government trillions of dollars each year.

Firstly, flaw.) But later it became clear

Firstly, to understand how addiction works we have to know what addiction is.

Addiction is an intense craving for something, you lose control over its use and continue to use and abuse the substance even though there are consequences.Hundreds of years ago, the general attitude towards alcohol was that people drank it because they wanted to, not that there was an internal or external necessity. But as people started to realise that there was an irresistible urge towards alcohol and drugs, the concept of addiction came about.The original belief on addiction, was that the substances being consumed have addictive properties… Blaming the addiction on the contents of the substance. Later the idea changed and (addiction was believed that addiction is part of the addicts character.

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)Depending on substances like alcohol and drugs was seen as a (personality flaw.) But later it became clear that addiction is something that a person suffers from, like a sickness or a disease. Drugs that are addictive, create a shortcut to the brain’s reward system. How? It floods the nucleus accumbens with dopamine (dopamine functions as a neurotransmitter. It is responsible for the feelings of reward and pleasure.) The hippocampus remembers this feeling of quick pleasure and satisfaction, and the amygdala makes a certain response to this reaction or event. All substances of abuse send a strong current of dopamine to the nucleus accumbens.

2. An understanding of why teenagers engage in these behaviors.The top 5 reasons that teenagers abuse substances:Stress, studies show that 73 percent of teenagers resort to substance abuse is because of stress at school or what is going on at home.

Social acceptance or low self-esteem, there is often a case where a teenager does drugs to feel cool or to be accepted into society. Teenagers also use drugs to feel better about themselves, they use drugs to be accepted into the wrong friend group even though they understand that it is wrong.Self-Medication, students use drugs to cope with anger, depression or anxiety.Misinformation, lots of teenagers don’t understand the dangers of drugs. And some teenagers are under the impression that it is safer to use prescription drugs rather than illegal drugsEasy access, some teenagers use drugs just because they are easy to aquire.Top 5 Reasons Teens Use DrugsCasa Palmera3.

The risks involved in abusing substances:There are many short and long term risks in substance abuse. Some of the short term risks include overdose. Overdose is an excessive and dangerous dose of a drug. Death can be the result of some overdoses.

The risks highly depend on how you take the drug and what drug you take; how much of the drug you take and how often you take it.The risks of using drugs :: SA Health4. Tips for teenagers:Stay true to who you are, don’t let peer pressure get to you. Have a goal in life, if doing drugs or abusing substances gets in your way then it will be easier to say no. Surround yourself with people who understand that you have no interest in substance abuse and they will help you to stay centered. I know that it sounds kind of silly, but if you want to dry drinking or drugs do it in a safe environment. This way you have tried it and when it comes to peer pressure it will be easier to say no and if you do find yourself in a situation where drugs or alcohol is involved you know how to react.

5. Additional research on phone addiction:Nomophobia is the irrational fear of losing contact in the world of social media, without your cell phone. If you have nomophobia it means that you are constantly being afraid of having a low battery power, losing signal, running out of airtime, or losing your phone altogether. People often become addicted to their phone because they are insecure, they have no or little self control, they get bored easily or because they have no hobbies to keep them busy.

Most people with nomophobia will go to any length to protect their phone, they will always have it near them and will constantly check it for messages or to see how their battery life is doing. The usage of a phone when you are addicted can easily get in the way of your friendships, school work or office work. It is so much easier for a person to scroll through Instagram or to WhatsApp people than to rather work and focus on the job at hand. The word nomophobia is broken down to no-mo(bile phone)-phobia.

Firstly, always confused about their hands. The

Firstly, the limitation of VR Headset (Virtual Reality Headset) is the experienced system hardware has traditionally been high cost.The resolution of screen is large. This limitation cause you can’t see small details in the scene through the device. For example when you are focus reading books in VR, you can always see the so-called screen door effect.The lack of input devices is a big deal.

For the first time, VR users are always confused about their hands. The upcoming VR controller is also less intuitive.The next limitated VR thing is the cable. Therefore, your head is always connected to your desktop computer. Walking with it makes people feel uncomfortable and the scope of action is also limitedDevice latency is still a problem.

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It has been significantly improved, but some people still feel sick, especially in some fast-moving scenes or seeing disgusting scenes. This makes people feel dizzy and vomiting.The weight of the device is also part of the limitation. The lighter the device, the less you feel about it. The better you experience VR, the more realistic it is.The shape of the device is also very important. The way to wear is simple and safe. It is difficult for people like Muslims to enjoy the real feelings brought by the equipment.


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