Flipkart refurbished goods. The platform is similar

Flipkart on Wednesday launched its new online e-commerce marketplace “2GUD”, a new platform which would primarily be focusing on the sale of refurbished goods. The platform is similar as compared to any online e-commerce marketplace with a sole aim of selling the certified refurbished goods.

With 2GUD, Flipkart is planning to emerge as one of the most trusted online e-commerce marketplaces in India evacuating the chances of its rival companies like Amazon and Snapdeal.What Are Refurbished GoodsBefore moving to the main article first, we need to understand what are refurbished goods? Why there is a need to buy refurbished?  How can the introduction of 2GUD change the entire e-commerce marketplace in India? and what factors can contribute to make it a popular choice among the consumers?.Refurbished products are usually any electrical goods which are returned back to the manufacturers by the consumers or the vendors as a result of any defects. It can also include those products which are not been sold in the marketplace.Imagine you have a television set which you have purchased recently. One fine day while watching your favourite TV series the display of the TV abruptly blacked out and the only thing you can see is the black screen. It can be annoying for anyone and the first thing which you look out for is the warranty card of it.

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You, then decide to call the authoritative company to seek out for help. The company assures you of repairing your TV or if it can’t be repaired they replace it with a new one.The term refurbished is mostly coincided with repairing, replacement or rebuilding of any electrical products which are mostly used. But there is a big difference between used and refurbished products. Many used products are mainly defective whereas refurbished ones are highly tested and certified so that it can function properly with no defects.Factors Which Led to RefurbishmentProducts which are unsold at the marketplace after their launch.Any kind of damaged occurred while shipping.A defective product which can be repaired.

Used items which are not in use but are in good condition.Display units which are put in a store like a demo car/mobile-phones/bike.The e-commerce marketplace is filled with such products which can be refurbished with a potential customer base who are looking for these kinds of products but hesitate due to trust issues.Why Buy Refurbished Goods?The change in technology and software each year accounts for maximum no. electronic products to be dashed away as to cope with the change. With a rise in the items being thrown away, it is a safer idea to make them available to the consumers at a cheaper rate. Selling of refurbished at a relatively low price can also benefit the company and can be a useful practice in building a greener environment.

There are many tech organisations who appeal their customers to sell their unused or defective electronic items so that they can reuse them and dump them in a proper way.Tips to Buy Refurbished ProductsMost of the times, consumers are not aware of which refurbished products to buy and end up having a bad experience against the company. Following are some of the things which a customer should keep in mind while purchasing a refurbished product.Look for the most trusted brand or companies.Check for the warranty period for the products.Make sure the product have a return policy in writing.

Assure yourself about the particulars/accessories which are included along with the products.Check price difference between the new and the refurbished one.Ask about the thing which was refurbished in the specific product.What to expect From 2GUD!!2GUD’s unveiling is highly regarded as the replacement to the Indian arm of e-bay as the services of its were discarded from the online e-commerce marketplace in August this year.

For now, the platform has specifically oriented itself towards the sale of refurbished smartphones, laptops, tablets, and electronic accessories, and will be planning to extend the categories in the near future.”As a market leader, Flipkart has always tried to solve for India and offer a more fulfilling shopping experience in every aspect. With 2GUD, we have removed the trust deficit that exists in the refurbished goods market, and along with the added convenience, are offering customers yet another avenue to access quality products at the most affordable prices,” said Kalyan Krishnamurthy, CEO, Flipkart while addressing the reporters at the press conference.The platform is already live and will be available on the mobile app whereas the desktop version which is still in the development phase will be made accessible very soon. Right now, the only goal of the company should be to make more customers aware about this new 0nline e-commerce marketplace. The mobile version will provide all the information which the user needs and can be a great marketing tool for the brand promotion.

The company has released five categories in which it will sell the refurbished products for the sale in the online e-commerce marketplace which are :Unboxed Like NewRefurbished SuperbRefurbished very GoodRefurbished GoodRefurbished OkayBased on these categories, Flipkart will decide about the warranty period of the products which can be between 3 to 12 months. Flipkart has assured that all the products will undergo quality check and then only be made available for sale. The company has also made sure it will only be selling new products in the online e-commerce marketplace while 2GUD will account for the sale of refurbished goods.


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