Focus The black plague was started all

Focus QuestionsHow was it that the Black Death was started?The Black Death was represented throughout art, music and literature, how do you think it was represented in other ways?Did the Black Death effect people? And how did it affect them?How did the Black Death change relationships between the social groups?NotesHow it started?The black plague was started all by tiny little parasites called fleas, these fleas would choose a host and in this case it was rats and because of the many trading places and routes. The rats originally came from Asia which then a trading boat boarded there, the rats were so smart that they climbed up the ropes of the boat. Even though the plague was deadly the rats were somehow immune to it when the boat tried to board they were declined so they ventured on and boarded in Europe. This plague was the most deadly back then as it brought three viruses. As any other virus they had their own symptoms. This plague was so deadly that it killed people within a week.

How was it represented?The Black Death was represented through art because of the amount of artwork that was created in the past and the present this artwork was a way to show people how bad the plague was without words and by the pictures this was a pretty gruesome way to die. Another way they represented it was through music believe it or not a children nursery rhyme was based on the Black Death this lullaby is named “Ring around the Rosie”. The reason this rhyme was made was because it was a list of things they thought would make you better. How did it effect the social groups?The plague effected them by them splitting up in two groups, one group unafraid and living life to the fullest by partying and doing thing most people would do on the last day on Earth. While the other group would bolt themselves inside their homes worrying about their life.

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Some people think not worrying about what will happen next is terrible while others believe why not, we most likely will die tomorrow why not live life to the fullest and do what we have always wanted to.How did the Black Death effect people?The Black Death effected people in the most gruesome way that way being, going through three of the most painful viruses even though some people had a good immune system most of the people in Europe died because it was so bad. In conclusion the Black Death effected people beyond life that meaning they died in pain and suffering.


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