Following study. Since there are many items

Following tests carried out in order to answer the research questions in this study. Since there are many items employed to measure each variables in the study, the factor analysis procedure will be utilized to determine the number of factors and the grouping of items under its respective factor.

So for this research, Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) utilized to verify the factor structure of set of observable variables. CFA helps the researcher to investigate the hypothesis that a relationship between the observable variables and their fundamental latent construct exist. In order to test all the hypothesis, SPSS version 21 will be used since the main objective of this study is to test the relationship between variables.

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This statistical technique will be applied to determine the inter relationship among the variables in this study. Proctor (2005) defines reliability as “measurement that made over and over again in order to reach the same results consistently”. This means that similar result will be obtain when the research is conducted on a similar group of respondents in a similar setting. One of the best way to ensure the reliability of the questionnaire is through pilot-testing all the questions in advance even though there are different techniques available for checking the reliability. Cronbach’s Alpha coefficient is a commonly used measure of reliability for sets of construct indicators (Peterson, 1994). In this empirical study, Cronbach’s alpha was used to determine the internal reliability of the instrument used to measure each factor.

Cronbach’s Alpha value above 0.7 is considered acceptable ( Nunally, 1994). A Cronbach’s Alpha will be calculated for each dimensions of intrinsic and extrinsic motivating factors. Next will be measured on the mediator variable of psychological ownership and the dependent variable of work performance .The overall scales measured by using SPSS 21. Thus, the instruments measures the concept and assist to determine the goodness of measures which the reliability known as indicator of stability and consistency (Sekaran & Bougie, 2011).The objective of descriptive analysis conducted in this study is to provide numerical and graphic procedures to interpret the collection of data.

In other words, descriptive analysis utilized in the study to summarize, organize and describe the data (Pallant, 2007). In order to provide the result based on the investigation of major variables, descriptive statistics such as percentage, means, standard deviation, maximum and minimum values for each variable in this study will be acquired. The central tendency is an estimation of center of distribution of values.

There are three major types of central tendency estimation such as median, mean and mode. However for this study, the most important measure of central tendency is the mean. Means are used in the study because of the importance for descriptive studies which provide information about the average participant’s score on a measure. In order to determine the relationship between the two independent, dependent variables and mediators, the researcher need to analyze a series of multiple regressions to be conducted (Baron and Kenny, 1986). Based on the regression analysis, it must be confirm that the two independent variable have a significant effect on the mediator. Next, the two independent variable must have a significant impact on the dependent variable, when the regression analysis conducted. Thirdly, it must be prove that mediator variable have a significant effect on the dependent variable through the regression analysis.


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