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For Christopher Nolan as for his British fellow countrymen, the name of Dunkirk evokes a feeling of national pride. It remains a heroic page of their history even if it is about an evacuation. May, 1949, on the beach of Dunkirk about two hundred thousand english soldiers find themselves surrounded by the Germans.

Refusing to surrender, British decide to organise an operation of fold called Dynamo.To summarize this glorious event, the director chose three grounds of battle and three units of time .One week on the beach where we follow the young soldier Tommy. A day on the sea in a small sailboat which goes away to save fighters. Finally, one hour in spitfire, flagship of royal air forces with Tom Hardy, commander of the device; He, as the othe others are fewer characters than symbols of dignity ( the captain of the sailboat) and of humanity in the dismay ( the young soldier). Although this war movie plunges us correctly in the action, it is however constituted only by not much dialogue returning the less pleasant experience for the spectator who will tend to lose concentration. We can see this lack of dialogue in Dunkirk as a way of paying tribute to the dead soldiers during the war but too much silence wastes the strength of this movie which would have to be fascinating.

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The crew of a destroyer which finds itself suddenly flooded under the blow of a torpedo. An airman who made a success of his sea landing but remains stuck in his cockpit. Men in the water, lively burnt persons by an oil slick on fire. It is the stiking consequences of the movie which brings, nevertheless, nothing really new, unlike ” It is necessary to save the soldier Rayan” of Spielberg or ” The Red Line” of Terrance Malik of whom we sometimes think of the way he floats between life and death. More annoying: the way rested patriotic racing when appears the civil , brave flotilla.

Just if at the end, the british hymn oesn’t begin resounding. It is a little too much.


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