For your consideration: Read Luke 7:1-10 – What

For your consideration:Read Luke 7:1-10 – What is a Centurion?  What is unique about this centurion’s belief (7:3-5)? What did the Centurion do for the Jews in the area?A centurion was a high-ranking officer in the army of ancient Rome. Centurions got their name because they commanded 100 men (centuria = 100 in Latin). What was unique about this centurion’s faith was that he reached out to Jesus despite the cultural barriers of his time and he developed admiration and respect for the Jewish people and their religion. The centurion provided the funds to the Jews in the area to build a local synagogue.Read Luke 7:7-17 – What happened outside of the City of Nain?-Jesus raised a widow’s boy from the dead.

Jesus did not play favorites. He was willing to reach out to everyone, rich or poor, men or women, gentiles or Jews. He came for all.3.

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Read Luke 7:18-35 – What is John asking about Jesus, and why?  How does Jesus answer John’s disciples?John asked Jesus if He was really the Christ (the Messiah)? John the Baptist probably had some misunderstanding of Jesus’ mission, and asked this question because of discouragement in prison and hope that the power of Jesus would be shown in more significant acts, such as in freeing him from prison or calling punishment for the political leaders who put him in prison. Jesus answered John’s disciples that the Messiah is here, but His power is shown in acts of mercy, not judgment, and that everyone would be blessed who receive the Messiah.4.

Read Matthew 14: 1-7 – Why was John in Prison?  Why didn’t Herod want to kill John?  Why did Herod promise to give Herodias’ daughter almost anything she wanted?  What did Herodias daughter ask for and why?John was in prison because he spoke out against Herod’s marriage to his brother Philip’s wife, named Herodias. Herod illegally divorced his first wife and seduced Herodias into marrying him. Herod did not want to kill John because he was afraid for the multitude/crowds/ supporter’s response. He fears the opinion of people more than God. Herod promises to give Herodias’ daughter almost anything because she shamelessly danced before him and his friends, winning favor and a special request. Herodias daughter asked for John the Baptist’s head on a platter because her mother told her to do so and planned it for some time because John was rebuking Herodias and Herod’s marriage.5. Read Luke 7:36-50 – How did the “sinful woman” anoint Jesus?  Why did she anoint Jesus? Why did the Pharisee call her sinful?The “sinful woman” anointed Jesus’ feet with oil, normally this oil would be used on someone’s head.

Also, this woman shows her humility by saying, that the best oil for her head is only good enough for Jesus’ feet. She anointed Jesus because she loved him and in faith, she anticipated His forgiveness. The Pharisee call her sinful to point to the particular sin of unchastity.6. Read Matthew 14:1-12 – What is happening here and why?What is happening here is Herodias, Herod wife, daughter asked for John the Baptist’s head on a platter because her mother told her to do so and planned it for some time because John was rebuking Herodias and Herod’s marriage. Herod had to fulfill the daughter’s request and also the prophecies that John only prepare the way for Jesus.

Why it happened is because John the Baptist was sent as God’s messenger to prepare the way for the Jesus as it was prophesied. John was not the Messiah, Jesus was. There was no longer a confusion between Jesus and John the Baptist.


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