Forensic cut methods for digital forensics, SEM is

Forensic science has become the revolutionary area of study and research in the section of Anthropology. There are several methods which are used in these identifying works such as Forensic Ballistics, Psychological Forensics, and Digital Forensics. Ads mentioned by McCardle Stojanovski & Lyons (2017), in this case of detecting the experience of a swordsman and sharpening methods based on the bone cut methods for digital forensics, SEM is used. As mentioned by Giuffra et al. (2015), for the Forensic Ballistics and Psychological Forensics morphological characteristics comparison and statistical data analysis is used.

In order to understand the experience of swordsman analysis of the cuts needed which can be done by scanning the cuts with the Scanning Electron Microscopy. In conducting the research domestic pig carcasses were used as it is believed that the flesh and bones of pigs resemble the humans, which were male and weight was nearly 45 to 50 kg. In this research to use the swords in making the cut was done by a swordsman of age 16 years who had the degree of black belt. In order to make the research and analysis the results in every pig carcasses 18 cuts were made and were left to air for four weeks for drying. Visual observation was done by morphological characteristics comparison on the ribs, flat and long bones which revealed seven characteristics based on the experience of the showered man such as, flaking, Feathering, Peeling, Scoop defect, Macro peeling, and macro curvature (, 2018).

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As mentioned by Dighton & Graves (2016), a macro curvature is done using the hacking motion by the inexperienced swordsman. From this study, we can say that by different implements of large bladed hacking can distinguish the cut marks on the bones. The cut marks vary on the weapon which is in use and the experience of the person which can be easily identified using SEM.


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