ForewordI set of punches until wrangled out

ForewordI walk to the flaxen bus and watch as it rolls down the refurbished tar road of Indiana. The harsh squeal of the bus reaches my ears and torments them to point break. I climb aboard, not know what awaited me once I step foot on the pavement of school. As I rode, staring off into space I hear the utterings of the radio and hear mutterings of a savage storm terrorizing the coasts of Europe.

” 14,000 dead already” uttered the reporter “and more are expected.” Hearing this shocked me to the core. How could any hurricane be so destructive? I heard a moment of static and then a random commercial appeared “Get your waffle cones today! 50% off!”Chapter 1Brutality                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  As we go down the road I saw my school, as all the other 167 days. I get of the bus and start walking toward school and hear the early seminar bell, something I never do. I walk down the hall I see a group of peers crowding around something.

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As I walk closer I see, I hear the cheerleaders chanting. “Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey are you ready? Are you ready? To play say, go Jay, go Jay! Jay all the way!” As I attempt to pass the multitude of people, I hear my name being called. Frozen in my tracks, I turn around. “Hey nerd, what up!” Jay whoopedI continue walking to the first period, although Jay continues to boast about how I’m as thin as a stick.

He claims he is stronger and faster and bigger than me. But what set me off is he claimed this was the reason Raz dumped me. I charged at him, not even moving him a nanometer.

 A ring of insults form around us chanting FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! I charged again, he easily sidestepped me and slapped me across the face. The group was migrating away from us like a flock of geese. I suddenly realize why. An eighth grade teacher was approaching straight on like leopard approaching its prey. Jay continues delivering a set of punches until wrangled out by the teacher. I black out.

Chapter 2Reduction I stir in the nurse’s office wondering why I’m here. Suddenly I remember what had happened. I stumble off the bed and hit the ground. A sharp pain shoots up my leg and I fall to the ground. I pick myself up and try to regain my balance. I walk through the door and see the nurse.

“How are you feeling?” She inquired, walking over to check my leg,”, ‘Cause you’re going to detention””What!” I squawked. ” I’ve never gotten detention before, though!” “Well, you still have it.I storm out off the office in rage. How could this happen, how could I have been reduced to this? Chapter 3Confinement I drive


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