“Formally World War II when the Japanese had

“Formally known as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Vietnam is located in Southeastern Asia.

The Vietnam war had begun during World War II when the Japanese had invade Vietnam in order to remove French colonists living in the area at the time. After the Japanese were defeated in World War II they withdrew their forces from Vietnam leaving the French to remain in power. A vietnamese political leader Ho Chi Minh formed the Viet Minh which eventually took control over the northern city of Hanoi. The United States involvement in the Vietnam war  was in 1954. Vietnam was split into what is know as now the 17th Parallel after the signing of a treating between Ho Chi Minh’s forces and the French. The creation of the Viet Cong intensified the conflict that was going on in Vietnam at the time. Once the Viet Cong had gained enough power they began to attack government officials and occupy areas of Southern Vietnam where they would initiate firefights.

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Due to the constant pressures of the Viet Cong forces the non communists side of Vietnam formed the National Liberation Front. The Vietnam war had changed a lot of the geography, culture and economics of Vietnam in its most current day. The geography and climate of Vietnam did not change from the end of the Vietnam war until the present day. Rainforests and mountains cover a small portion of Vietnam territory.

The populated areas of Vietnam are mainly in the flatlands of the nation. Most of the counties people live in the deltas which are swampy plains that are located at the south end of the island. These deltas give the civilians the ability to grow rice and various other crops. There are two climates in Vietnam dry or rainy. Vietnam has an average annual rainfall of about 223cm. Geographically Vietnam is a great nation to find natural resources.

Vietnam’s Oil and Natural Gas intake is increasing exponentially. In 2015 Vietnam’s Oil reserves had obtained 838 million tons and had increased by 11%. Vietnam also has an abundance of mineral resources. Coal is the primary resource which is mined in Quang Ninh province in the Northeast.

Vietnam mines roughly 2.3 million tons of coal in 2017. The nation also has other valuable resources such as iron, copper and gold. Vietnam’s geography is also used as a natural resource. Companies use areas in Vietnam to generate hydropower, farm and study marine life and rainforests. Tourists come to Vietnam to visit the beaches that they have to offer.

Vietnam’s Government has not changed but the economy has changed since the end of World War II. The economic and political ideal of socialism is enforced within the state and governed by the Communist party of Vietnam. Vietnam’s government is structured to have a president and prime minister. The president is head of the state and is in charge of the armed forces. The prime minister of  Vietnam is in charge of running the government. The government is very strict and ensures the security and defense of its people and their living conditions.

Vietnam had many goods that the nation had exported such as rice, oil, seafood, shoes and electronics. Vietnam mainly traded with communist countries between 1975 and 1980 but because of the collapse of the Soviet Union  in 1990 they have began trading with other areas around the globe. Vietnam’s main export partners are China,South Korea, Japan and Taiwan. Vietnam’s main import partners are the United States, European Union, China and Japan. Until 1858 Vietnam was primarily run on agriculture so landowners created levee systems in the Red River Delta region to begin their rice cultivation.”  


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