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FORMTEXT Last Name, FORMTEXT First Name ( FORMTEXT CBU ID) FORMTEXT Date Written4MAT – EGR 101- FORMTEXT SectionSection 1: Name / Chapter of Book or Speaker Executive Summary
Write an executive summary of the material you read. (An executive summary is a document prepared for a superior which contains a succinct summary of the essential material covered.) It should not contain any personal opinions or reflections. Points will be deducted for lengths outside of the guidelines of ¾ to 1 page.

Section 2: Personal Reflection
About a 1/2 to 2/3 page response to the material read. What did you think, what things did you like, find interesting etc…what life experiences or thoughts did this bring up.
Section 3: Questions
Write 2 or 3 questions that you had after reading the material… i.e., either what you would ask the author to clarify or address, or what questions in general arose in your mind after reading. If you initially do not have any questions then spend some time reflecting on what you read and the implications for your life. This should help prompt questions. You will lose points for not providing questions. List your questions very clearly.

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Section 4: Personal Application
Write a specific plan for how you will make one change in your life as a result of reading the material. Be very specific about how you would implement the application. For example: don’t just say “I will try not to procrastinate.” Rather, indicate a specific action plan describing what you will do in order to not to procrastinate. An example would be: This week I will (not might or could) find ways to reward myself about starting assignments the day they are assigned and share this with my accountability group.


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