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Foul Trouble by John Feinstein is a book about two best friends who are basketball players. Terrell jamerson and danny wilcox. Terrell is one of the best high school players in america every college wants him. They are both going to training camp to show their skills to college scouts and each day have a tournament. Terrel is one of the most talented people in the training camp which means pushy scouts everywhere trying to push him to a certain college. Danny however sees this and protects Terrell from making dumb decisions. Danny also protects Terrell from Terrell’s old friends who he used to play with, Danny calls them “the dudes”. The dudes don’t like danny at all and try to keep terrell far away from danny as possible danny gets annoyed very easily and starts picking fights with them. Danny sees the dudes are no good and try to warn terrell but he doesn’t really see it as serious. Bad things happen when Terrell hung out with the dudes terrell ended up getting high the coach found out about and he got benched, a fight broke between the dudes and danny in which terrell got injured and got a concussion. At the end of the book Terrel and Danny become top rated players of the country and they both end up going to harvard.


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