Fragrances develop our own sense of what

Fragrances used for external applicationssuch as spray perfumes, body care, home care, cosmetics, soaps & detergentsand incense.

These are non- consumables. When wesmell a particular fragrance, such as, say, clean laundry or a fresh peach, weinstantly and unconsciously connect that smell to a portion of our memory.Smell can evoke feelings and bring back memories that we forgot we had. Perfumeis, quite simply, a mastery of some of the most frequent scents, and the artfulcombination thereof to produce a unique smell for an individual person.

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Tounderstand perfume, we would need to start at its inception, back in the timeof the ancient Egyptians. Perfume is a mixture offragrant essential oils or aroma compounds, fixatives and solvents, used to give the human body, animals, food, objects,and living-spaces an agreeable scent. It is usually in liquid form and used to give a pleasant scent to aperson’s body. Perfume is a substance that gives off a pleasant odor. The wordperfume comes from the Latin word per fume which means “throughsmoke”. Perfume isn’t just in a bottle of good smelling liquid. It is inlipstick, face and body lotions and powders along with some other items. Manyof us started as babies using perfume in our baby lotions, baby powder, andbaby oils.

As we grow older we may develop our own sense of what smells goodand we may decide to wear perfume or cologne. There is even perfume for air tomake it smell fresh. For this reason we burn incense or spray air fresheners.Have people always been interested in how they smell? In this research we havesurvey the product performance and buying behavior of the fragrance ofperfumes, which are used by people of all ages. During this research we haveinteracted with people of all ages who use perfume. After this research we cameto know how people perceives these products on the variables like price,fragrance, advertisement, satisfaction, packaging, brand loyalty etc.

We alsocame to know which particular brand of perfume is most preferred by people ofdifferent age groups. In this research we have surveyed that how frequently andhow much perfume they use, whether they buy small, big or family pack. Trend ofongoing changes in their likings has been shown in the report. In this reportwe have tried to explain the entire search and facts product wise.What is scent marketing? There are few definitions ofscent marketing.

The outlines of these definitions are mostly the same. Anormal interpretation of scent marketing, is the use of a scent in a particularenvironment to stimulate the senses of a person.   LEADING BRANDS IN MEN PERFUME·        Chanel·        ChristianDior S.A.·        Gucci·        Prada·        Versace·        TomFord·        CalvinKlein·        RobertoCavalli·        TommyHilfiger·        Diesel·        MichaelKors Corporation BENEFITSOF USING PERFUMEPerfumesare popular today, not only do they help you smell nice, but also boost yourmorale.

 But, do you know a perfume has several other benefits too? It can help you beat stress and cure insomnia too!  Read on to findtop ten benefits of perfumes.1. FRAGRANCE:Well, this is quite obvious.

 It helpskeep unwanted body odour away and ensures that you smell good throughout theday.2. ENHANCES MOODOne of the main benefits of wearing perfume isenhancing the mood.  Perfume helps lifts your spirits.

 You can alsowear a perfume that reflects your mood to project it better.  Whether youfeel playful, mischievous, timid or even reserved perfumes offer many differentkinds of smells for different moods.  Select and wear a perfume as per theoccasion so that you can get in the apt mood for it.3.

BOOSTS CONFIDENCEJust like a pretty dress, or great suit afragrance can boost your confidence that ensures that you get through the daywithout feeling conscious of your body odour.  A dash of fragrance, canwork wonders to your personality.4. MAKES YOU ATTRACTIVESense of smell is one of the most important ofthe five senses.  Sometimes, you can simply get attracted to someonebecause of the way they smell.

 5. APHRODISIACMany perfumes sometimes function like anatural aphrodisiac.  Certain types of perfumes contain pheromones, whichhave aphrodisiac properties.  It explains why you get attracted to someonebecause of their perfume.

6. BOOSTS HEALTHThere is no scientific evidence to ascertainthe efficacy of perfume’s health boosting property.  However perfume helpsenhance the mood, which can keep stress and other anxiety related issues atbay.  You can use your favourite fragrance to beat your anxiety blues andlift your spirits.7.

TRIGGERS MEMORIESPerfume can also be an important trigger of ahappy memory one tends to associate people with particular fragrances.Try and buy new perfumes every time you traveland wear them.  The different perfumes will remind you of each vacationand help you relive those moments. 8. AROMATHERAPY??Perfume hasmany relaxing and therapeutic benefits.  Citrus fruit, floral, and winterspice perfumes help calm the mind and soothe the body. LITERATURE REVIEW (Daniel Yankelovich)stated that the perfume market is segmented at micro level with respect to thepurpose of buying and preferences of user.(Jim Blythe argues)that understanding the purchasing behavior of consumer is somewhat complicated;consumer’s attachment and involvement with a product or brand are determined bynumber of reasons and therefore it is almost impossible to nail a definitereason behind consumer’s purchasing behavior.

(Hoyer and Maclnn)is support the argument that consumers are prone to be attracted to a productor brand on account of how much appealing, eye catching and attractive models,spokesperson or celebrities reflect the essence of the product or brand.(Dhar et al)suggest that fragrance carries a strong weight among all factors considered byresearch respondents, hence, the consumers would prefer foreign brand overlocal product. Exploring Indians as fashionable people.(Borgave and Chaudhari)suggest that the preference and usage of perfumes will have to be placed inaccordance with demography, situation, mood and buying motives of the consumer.Although the article focuses on preferences for perfumes of adolescents between20-25 years, yet discovers that gender difference does not change the buyingpattern of this age group.The new multinational entrants from France, Spain,Italy and China have.

(Stevens (2006))says: “On average, each person breathes 20,000 times a day and with each breathcomes a chance to pitch a product because the sense of smell cannot be turnedoff. The average human being is able to recognize approximately 10,000different odors.”Morrin and Chebat (2005)showed that a subtle use of lemon increased store sales by 63%. The use ofscent is also argued to have an effect and impact on our sense of time; thatis, scented areas enhance the feeling of timelessness.Lindstrom (2005)has shown that our mood is enhanced by 40% in pleasantly scented surroundings.Another positive effect is that the image with the scent is recollectedaccurately. When memorizing a certain scene, the scent that had been smeltbefore was recalled, and the scene that related to the scent is useful for thememory. It is understood that the image with a scent strongly remains in theimpression, and that it is effective for recalling the items.

The assumption isthat people perceive the object more consciously by recalling their experience.Osterberg(2008) argued that scentcan have a strong impact on ambience, mood, and behavior, but in order for itto be effective, it has to be clearly linked to the service, situation, orspace. Looking at the following statements, scent has an influence on people.But it only has influence, when people can remind a certain object combinedwith that particular scent. The scent marketing industry and the research thatsupports it, claims many interesting results for marketers.Lunardo(2011) says that hisarticle provides support to the notion that an atmosphere must not generateskepticism. In this regard, the atmosphere consumers are exposed; this can havesignificant effects on skepticism and subsequent emotional and attitudinalresponsesOBJECTIVEOF THE STUDYThis project is based on user behaviortowards Perfumes. Objectives of the study are:1.

     Theother objective is to know about the customer satisfaction associated with theproduct and the customer preference level.2.     Toincrease customer satisfaction and recapture the market share by fulfilling thecustomer needs.3.     Tostudy the factors affecting the consumption pattern.   METHODOLOGY Theresearch design is exploratory in nature.

The type of sampling used isintercept and the respondents were administered 200 questionnaires .Thesampling area is Ludhiana.    PRODUCTOVERVIEWPerfume is a mixture of fragrant essentialoils and aroma compounds, fixatives, and solvents used to give the human body, animals,objects, and living spaces a pleasant scent. The odor iferous compounds thatmake up a perfume can be manufactured synthetically or extracted from plant oranimal sources. Perfumes have been known to exist in some of the earliest humancivilizations either through ancient texts or from archaeological digs. Modernperfumery began in the late 19th century with the commercial synthesis of aromacompounds such as vanillin or coumar in, which allowed for the composition ofperfumes with smells previously unattainable solely from natural aromaticsalone. The precise formulae of commercial perfumes are kept secret.

Even ifthey were widely published, they would be dominated by such complexion redientsand odorants that they would be of little use in providing a guide to thegeneral consumer in description of the experience of a scent. Nonetheless,connoisseurs of perfume can become extremely skilful at identifying componentsand origins of scents in the same manner as wine experts.The most practical way to start describing aperfume is according to the elements of the fragrance notes of the scent or the”family” it belongs to, all of which affect the overall impression ofa perfume from first application to the last lingering hint of scent.FRAGRANCENOTES                                                            Perfume is described in a with music parallelas having three groups of notes, making the in-harmony delicate smell harmony.The notes unfold over time, with the most near copies of book made at one timeof the top note leading to the deeper middle notes, and the base notesgradually seeming as the last stage. These notes are made come into existencecarefully with knowledge of the evaporation process of the (liquid having)Perfume.TopnotesThe delicate smells that are sensedimmediately on application of a (liquid having) perfume. Top notes form ofsmall, light smallest units that go away (liquid) quickly.

They form a person’sfirst copies of book made at one time of a (liquid having) sweet smell and thusare very important in the trading for money of a (liquid having) sweet smell.Also telephoned the head notes. MiddlenotesThe delicate smell of a (liquid having) perfumethat comes out of just before to when the top notes send away.

The middle notemakes adjustment about payment of debt form the “heart” or main bodyof a (liquid having) sweet smell and act to face covering the often unpleasingfirst copies of book made at one time of base notes, which become more pleasingwith time. They are also telephoned the heart notes. BasenotesThe delicate smell of a (liquid having) sweetsmell that appears close to the moving away of the middle notes. The base andmiddle notes together are the main chief idea of a (liquid having) sweet smell.Base notes take distance down and solidity to a (liquid having) sweet smell. Makesadjustment about payment of debt of this part of delicate smells arerepresentatively full of money and “deep” and are usually not senseduntil 30 minutes after application. The delicate smells in the top and middlenotes are effected by the base notes, as well the delicate smells of the basenotes will be changed by the sort of sweet smell materials used as middlenotes.

Makers of perfumes usually put into print (liquid having) sweet smellnotes and representatively they present it as sweet smell pyramid, with theparts listed in with power of invention and outline words. RESEARCHMETHODOLOGY Primarydata:To analyze buying behavior and in order togain insight into the buyer need satisfaction level a questionnaire wasformulated and administered among 50 people in coaching centre, Most of thequestions is based on liker scale. Questionnaire was attached in annexure.Secondarydata:A number of secondary information was usedthey were: Web sites: Scribd, Wikipedia and other brands websites. Search oftwo previous research papers these two research paper were attached in theannexure.


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