Frank national independence. The book was published in

Frank Moore’s Diary of the American Revolution is a very hands in detailed description on how the American Revolution emerges into a critical turning point for the United States of America. The Timeline of this event occurs from January of 1775 till October of 1781. Moore used various newspaper articles dating back in time to fully get her message across on how the Americans struggled for national independence.

The book was published in 1860 and it was a major work of a very popular historian. The book includes newspaper reports, letters, broadsides, and even songs which provide insight to the type of society they were in that time period. Throughout the book, the author’s main point is to illustrate the essential qualities of the war as well as political arguments that gives alot of contribution to how outcome comes to be which is the United states government and the British Parliament agreeing to the treaty of Paris and resulting in ending the American Revolution. As an american Journalist in that time period, Moore discussed

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