Freire yet there is almost a 19 percentage

Freire introduces a model that creates an equal relationship between the teacher and their students. In this model students are presented with real world problems that relate to their lives. Through this line of communication and thinking students are encouraged to analyze how and why these problems exist. This model encourages dialogue and critical thinking, thus combating oppression by empowering students to question their conditions. Educational statistics in Minnesota tell a story of racial inequality.

Currently Minnesota high school graduation rates are on the rise with 83% of students graduating on time in 2017. In yet there is almost a 19 percentage point gap that separates white students from their peers of color. Further exacerbating the situation is the fact that graduation rates of low income and special education students is lagging even farther behind (Star Tribune, Feb 28 2018). The vast majority of students I teach fall into this very demographic: students of color, from low income families, receiving special education services.

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