Frequently is first priority. Topic Sentence: Cheating

Frequently dismissed as a superfluous distraction, cellphones can hinder students’ abilities to learn and focus in class. Cell phones can be a valuable resource in our daily lives but must be restricted within a learning environment. This can remind students that education and class is first priority.Thesis: Cell phones can be a great resource in our daily lives, but they should be restricted from use in a learning environment, reminding us that education is first priority.Topic Sentence: Cheating in school is becoming more common where students are using their phones to take pictures of the exams, store information on their phones, text other students and many other deceitful ways.Support: Students in high school are most likely cheating because they are earning bad grades and they take advantage of their phones to do so.

Evidence 1: On February, 18, 2014, “More than 200 students were expelled after being caught cheating in the Grade 12 board exam in the past three days.Nearly a dozen parents who helped them use unfair means were also arrested”, an official said on Tuesday. (The Press Trust of India)Elaboration 1: This real life event shows us how extreme the consequences can get over a cellphone. Not only did the students get expelled, but a dozen of their parents were also arrested. Teachers are trying to figure out a way to terminate cheating, but instead, they need to eliminate the source, being cell phones.

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Support: Majority of students in the school have cell phones and more than half of have used a cell phone to cheatEvidence 2: According to a study from the Josephson Institute of Ethics. Among current high school students, 75 percent admit to cheating on tests, homework, and other assignments. Fifty percent have cheated on exams during the past year, and 34 percent have cheated on more than one test.

(The Child Study Center)


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