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From the start, the tender bond of a parent kindles the start of the so-called emotion named as love. Love takes people on a journey, creating a story many admire. Truly it starts off with you, it is what you believe in. Do you believe in true love? Or just in infatuation? At some point in everyone’s lives, they have experienced love or have been infatuated with someone or something.

Many people are mixing up the definition of love with infatuation, but each having two different feelings. Infatuation is a path which leads to love, but sometimes the sparks don’t last. From time to time people might just get too caught up in the physical attraction or the idea of a relationship.There is a difference between falling in love and being infatuated. Love is a very strong affection, an intense feeling of a tender, passionate, affection for one another. No doubt, there are tons of different emotions that people feel, but the one that almost all look for is love. When someone is asked for what they looking for in “The Perfect One” they usually list off characteristics such as smart, hardworking, humorous, etc.

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You can be loved for many different reasons as well as many different people. The phrase “I Love You” helps to create a mystical emotion that a person may not want to feel. Feeling the commitment to one another, both realizing what they are getting into.Sharing a chemistry that is everlasting, like the undying tale of Romeo and Juliet. Both willing to out of their way in order to be with each other. For one to truly experience love each must realize that they are individuals and accept the fact that neither is perfect nor can they change or blame each other for the differences between them.In the movie “The Notebook”, even though a distance had formed, in the end, Noah and Rachel both came back to each other.

Showing the importance of a connection needs to remain strong in difficult times. As a couple who are in love, they will share happiness and laughter as wells as tears. It initially is built on the common aspects or beliefs building up into that weird feeling in the pit of your stomach. A feeling that freezes time when you’re together.

Some people experience love at first sight, knowing from the minute they set eyes on each other that they are the perfect one. Even a parent’s love for a child can be described as love at first sight. A strong instinct of wanting to protect your baby. Often starting before the baby is even born, the love felt by a child for its mother is unconditional, which can also be felt between siblings.Infatuation is a temporary or an irrational passion for somebody or something.

Infatuation is usually one-sided either giving or receiving parts of love. It is a feeling of wanting it in the present not something for the future. Even though it might feel like love it’s not the intensity of the emotion that matters it is the purity.

For example, when a kid gets a new toy the really wanted they play with it for a few minutes or days and then leave it behind for something else. In the movie “Mean Girls”, many girls are infatuated with the idea of being Queen Bee like Regina but in the end, it’s only a short-lived obsession.Infatuation and love both have physical differences, with love not necessarily does there need to be an attraction. While with infatuation there’s only a physical attraction or obsession.

The hardest part is trying to differentiate whether your affection is just an infatuation or really is love. Love is when you are ready to move mountains and tackle anything that comes in your path in order to be with that person. Infatuation is just a temporary feeling or attraction; over time infatuation can turn into love or can be weakened by time. Love will always live on it will never die, whereas infatuation can create boredom. Even love may cause boredom after many years but no matter what the love will still be there.

Love draws a line at betrayal while infatuation might lead to it. Love creates a bond of honesty, respect, and trust; infatuation will have feelings of jealousy, fear, and distrust.Not only is there a physical difference there is an emotional one as well. Based on the dictionary definition infatuation is defined as, “An intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone or something.”  While love is defined as, “An intense feeling of deep affection.” Even though many define it differently it universally is different.

Love is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. It ultimately is a sacrifice, but we make true sacrifices for nothing less.


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