From every track on this album is a

From the first to the last, each and every track on this album is a perfect example of Lil Greenwood and David Amram. Moving talent with music.

Emotion and expression gush through the music from start to finish. This is an exceptional album and one that should definitely be in your listening library. Back to my roots is an album that will be racking up some serious play-time on iTunes.

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When I first heard the song I was blown away. Like her sound was really good I never herad this clearl sound. “I ease and dove where big girls go but I cry as children do” is the opening line of Lil greenwood “I cry children do” from her Back to my roots (2007). What does it mean to “I where big girl go I cry as children do? I means that she is not happy because she is a big girl. From her this first song I really liked her voice and I also like that she knows wherer she going in her nexyt line of her song. This song is mixed with pop that created a really catchy hit for lil greenwood. The song starts off with a pulsing bass with keyboard sounds in the background. After the first three seconds, she starts singing summertime.

Along with her singing there is a lot of pounding drums and hi-hat cymbal. Everything becomes more intense in the pre-chorus when the electric guitar is introduced when she goes into the lyrics singing, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.This song seems to me like its being dedicated to someone who broke her heart. It’s pretty obvious in the song that she is explaining in detail of her broken heart.

The storyline behind this song is that you shouldn’t stay down and sad for everything that goes on your life, because life is tough and we go through many things, for example we will get many broken hearts and just like the song says “You changed Your kisses aren ow sold”, it will really make you stronger. Always show your happy side and have a smile on your face, even if you really are broken hearted make sure that other person sees you are happy. All in all it’s simple to say… Buy this album, if you are looking for great alternative music.

This album is jam-packed full of what I perceive to be real music; it sounds fresh and catchy, with inspiring and philosophical lyricism and a wide variation of musicality and technique, Lil Greenwood makes her songs listenable to a wide audience. There is something for everyone to enjoy in this album from the young to the old.


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