From “Success is not final, failure is

From the quotation of Winston S.

Churchill, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Success is not the end of our lives. It was not also base on education system.

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We should strive harder. The most important message in our life is that failure leads to success. Mastering the foundational life principles will bring us more achievement, wealth, and happiness than any university course or tertiary study.

Learning all the mistakes from the past will be able to do more than turn your life around.In our life, we fail because of our lack of self-confidence. We may suffer from sense of our poor self worth that may affect the performance. Through this, we may fail doing things. The person will not be able to gain trust of other people and not be able to do or perform certain tasks. It may affect the mental health of an individual because of afraid in trusting other people. The growth opportunities will also affect the life of an individual.

The outcome will not be suitable for the real outcomes if it not planned well. You will not be satisfied in the result that may come and all the plans may ruin all the plans that need to accomplish. The more excuses, the more you may fail in life. Afraid on doing things is an excuse because you belittle yourself. Stretching your way out of the comfort zone is to take on challenges that make you feel afraid of failure and embarrassment it was the only way to have an exciting and enriching life.

These excuses may affect the path of an individual success. Their mind also believe that things will not going to work out, mind should have a fighting spirit that all things will all make happen.For thousands of years, scientists philosophers, and spiritualists have proclaimed that the earth is ruled by cause and effect. Failure is the absence of success, and failure is not a means to an end, it was an opportunity to learn from failure. One of the basic laws of physics states that, “In every action there will be an equal and opposite reaction.” It is an ordered world in which we live, subject to ancient natural laws.

There are laws of chemistry, motion, gravity, and biology, so there is a laws of success and, inversely, definite paths to failure. Everybody experience failures at some point of their lives. No matter what happen never giving up on success.


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