From the followers. But as per my experiences

From the results of the quizzes I came to know that within this style I am towards participative (S3) where a leader enhances on relationship building with followers, a leader takes out time in listening and making them feel good by praising them and on the other hand a coaching role (S2) where leader focuses highly on both tasks as well as relationship, a leader spends time in listening, advising sub-ordinates on how they can enhance their skills, knowledge and attributes by being a coach.

It is where a leader has to choose a style on the bases of the capabilities of their followers or sub-ordinates. In order to tell whether this style is useful or not it depends on the leader and also on the followers. But as per my experiences in the past and also after going through the quiz I believe this practice is useful as the leaders adjust their approach based on the behaviours and skills of employees. In this style a leader provides support towards their employees based on their needs which ultimately creates a motivating environment. Sub-ordinates are being coached and supported to act different roles and responsibilities which therefore leads to morale among the sub-ordinates. In other words it can be said that leaders who adopt this style are seen providing a supportive and caring work environment for all sub-ordinates of all skill levels.

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Therefore a supportive and caring work environment can lead to productivity which is a leader’s main objective. The high morale and support that a situational leader offers to a business helps in reducing employee turnover.


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