From is the role of managers in an

From this project, I have learned what is the role of managers in an organization is and why managers are important in an organization as they have to look after the daily routine to be done in the organization. I have learned about management and managers performing tasks as leaders. While performing the task of a manager, the manager has to be good leaders toward his employees and organization. Managers as leaders are that a leader is a person who is working with other people to achieve the organizational goals.

The different leadership styles are also discussed and they are:? Authoritarian/ autocratic leader? Democratic/participative leader? Paternalistic leader? Laissez faire/free-rein leaderAn interview was conducted with the centrepoint organization in which they were asked a few questions and they had to answer those questions from the questionnaire on the topic managers as leaders. From the questionnaire I have analyzed that: First, they get orders from only one leader as there are different departments and each department has employees and a department leader and the employees get the orders from their department leader.Second, the daily decisions are made by their leader and the employees follow those decisions. Third, they have direct contact with their leaders as if there is any problem occurred they need to contact with their leader and tell him.Fourth, the employees give top priority to the goal of the company as when the goal is achieved they get promotions, commissions and bonuses.

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Fifth, the leaders in the organization treat all the employees equally. They even mentioned that their leader is very sweet and helpful and listens to their problems carefully.Sixth, the leader gives importance to the ideas and suggestions of their employees as the leader wants to achieve the organizational goals so any idea or suggestion given by an employee which is innovative and new is considered by the leader.


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