Fung higher the intention of purchase. Benefit

Fung et al (2004) stated purchase intention is very important elements and gave a huge impact on consumer purchase intention.

This is shown by the study revealed that consumers attract with property characteristic or instance location, safety and so on. Moreover, in developer point of view design and facility of the house which provided by the developer shows the quality of the product. But the bottom line is it should be relevant to the product with reasonable logic about the product. Another element of purchase intention is the benefit which involve the relationship with product and buyer. It is an ending that higher the benefit resulting higher the intention of purchase. Benefit or Perceived value of the product has different feature that are tangible and intangible elaborates that the higher perceived value improvement to purchase decision.

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But, on the basis of knowledge of product, consumers assess the product and make decision because that purchase intention has positive affect with perceived value.


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