Furthermore, factory that they use to work in

Furthermore, Jack Sparrow must use Paternalistic style of leadership to persuade the workers to work for him even there had been fire in the warehouse and minor accidents in the assembly line. This is because Paternalistic leadership is about giving the workers on social needs and view of their workers.

Jack Sparrow must take care and protect the workers so that the they will be loyal him. In order to build the relationship with the workers, Jack Sparrow must support them, developing their skills and giving them opportunities that are suitable with their talents and interest. By building the workers up, Jack Sparrow can develop a loyal and capable professional network.In Addition, Jack Sparrow must discuss with the workers over issues and listen to their feedback whether the factory that they use to work in it is safe or unsafe. If the factory is unsafe, he must take responsibilities to inspect the factory. He must call the Rescue and Fire Department to check the factory in order to achieve the high safety satisfaction level. The safety tools in the workplace must be in good conditions.

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For example, the fire extinguisher must be refilled when being used or empty, prohibit the workers to use the fire hose reel for their own purposes and fire sprinkler and alarm bell function well. The Fire and rescue department can demonstrate how to use fire extinguisher and fire hose reel to the workers so that they can be well prepared if accident occurs on the work place. Jack Sparrow also must provide the workers training about safety. This is to ensure that all the workers can understand about the safety, can work more safely and be more productive. Jack Sparrow will get benefit with Paternalistic leadership styles when carried out successfully.

The workers will work harder to complete the task within the time given so that they can reach their objectives and sometimes even exceed, their goals in order to please the parental leader and can bring the family, honor. Lastly, Jack Sparrow can use the Theory Z to make the workers feel energetic to work again. Theory Z are more focuses on motivate the workers by creating strong social relationship among them and company. Theory Z is same as the Paternalistic Leadership as it can give satisfaction job to the workers, lower rates of turnover and higher quality products.


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