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Gender and ManagementThe topic is touchy as it involves a fairly complex issue called HRM or Human Resource Management headed by an equally complex individual known as HR Manager. Among some of the myriad responsibilities this august individual is linked with is the task of recruiting employees for the company he/she is working for in such a fashion that the top management does not have any qualms about his/her selection at any later date.First hurdleThe first hurdle to be encountered by the HR Manager while recruiting employees for the company entails the controversial theme called gender equality and how best to resolve it for the benefit of all concerned. Although he/she may convince himself/herself that in a digital world gender bias has no place whatsoever in any work environment and that both male and female candidates should be given equal opportunity in gaining employment, the question that eats him/her most concerns in whose favor he/she should decide.

However, common sense often shows the right way. If the job involves overnight security and surveillance, the scale may be tilted in favor of the male candidate, purely from humanitarian point of view. If on the other hand, the job entails research and computation, it may go in favor of the female candidate if she has more experience and knowledge in the subject. Equal pay for allDespite legislation, movement and various other modes of persuasion, the equal pay issue for both the sexes has become an established norm in most states, lapses do occur oftentimes and the issue suppressed because female employees themselves refrain from raising it for fear of job loss.

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However, in the case of hiring qualified engineers or administration executives, equal pay is a must for both sexes. Inappropriate InterviewWhile interviewing a male candidate, it may be quite judicious to ask about his marital status, but asking a female candidate on the same line or making inquiries about her future planning of children (for granting maternity benefits) is downright offensive and is banned in many states. Restroom facilitiesThis is perhaps the only place where equality of genders has taken a leave. Although most contemporary offices are provided with two toilets – one for the male members and another for females, there are still a few old type establishments where a single toilet serves both. Conversation modesWhen conversing with your female employees, talk in a natural mode. Ask about her family members, children, if any and then talk about your own. If there is a stunning beauty among your employees, talk business forthwith. Skip compliments and get businesslike straightaway.

Remove the hidden ceilingIn Uncle Sam’s own country, whoever has the capabilities can shine. So it happens in your establishment too. If a male employee shows extra talent to solve a difficult issue, he becomes entitled to a rise. But this does not happen to a female employee, even if she has developed a better algorithm in solving a difficult problem because of a hidden ceiling. Break that ceiling right away, so that she too becomes entitled to better amenities.Reprimand should be similar tooAs both male and female employees are entitled to similar benefits, they should be disciplined too for offences committed .

Just as a male employee is censured for sexual harassment, a female employee too should be chastised for wearing sexy outfits in the office or the factory. PostscriptStats show how gender discrimination affects the management of a company with resultant loss of ROI. HR Managers should, therefore make it a habit not to discriminate genders while interviewing and giving employment to people..

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