Gender cases in which it can be thought

Gender InequalityGender inequality is the idea that women and men are not equal, it refers to unequal treatment or perceptions of the individuals due to their gender. Usually women are lag behind men in many situations, situations like education, a better job opportunities, men sometimes have a better salary than women, and in political representation,etc.At this time, men are usually the ones that make gender inequality grater each day, Usually the gender that is more affected is feminine, there are many cases in which it can be thought that the female gender is the most affected in gender inequalityAccording to “Sustainable Development GOALS” Women who can not get a good job or do not earn well (women without resources) are prone to double discrimination because of their gender and their lack of purchasing powerthe women who managed to get a good job and / or a good salary help the country’s economy, but nowadays gender inequality is so widespread that women and men sometimes do not have the same level of education and Women who do not have a good education may run the risk of not being able to move forward or of not being able to help the country’s economyhealth is very important, as well as sexual and reproductive rights, such as child marriage, clandestine abortions, etc. that can affect the person psychologically as well as physicallythe inequality of gender in the work environment is very much given and it is very evident since if a woman’s salary and a man’s salary are compared the salary of the woman will always be less than a man’s salary, adding that not all the women have a good position in their jobs due to gender inequality (very few women hold management positions) That gender inequality is usually suffered by women does not mean that man is not affected, gender inequality has man is very present too, maybe the percentage is not so high but if it is presentAccording to “Fast Company Magazine”  actions that are considered as inequality towards the masculine gender are humiliation, family isolation which occurs when the woman separates from the family or when she decides to leave her family, social isolation consists in distancing oneself from the people of the environment and of not leaving very often, the economic abuse that consists is to spend the money of the couple and not have priorities to be able to spend that money productively, the unfounded jealousy that consists of forbidding the couple to talk with another person since everything is seen as a risk of losing the person she loves so much and affective indifference consists in not taking the couple into account or / and not feeling any attraction towards her being with her in a relationshipThat gender inequality is so present today does not mean that we can not help to reduce it.

And that gender inequality is a topic that not everybody understand that does not mean kids can’t help to reduce this problem that is so present in this days.There are many ways in which people can help. According to “The Guardian” Website Talking with women and girls is a way of reducing gender inequality, this consists in letting women/girls talk, they have a voice too and often they are excluded from many decision making. Make education gender sensitive, this consists in giving the same level of education to boys and girls, supporting them and helping them to continue, because if they do not

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