Generally The undesirable life standards of people have

Generally the new established nation-state faces with three major challenges: a) to develop economy; b) to achieve political independence; and c) to develop national culture in order to establish and maintain cultural cohesion. All above goals deeply relate with national security with other words national survival. After the WW I there were many new established and old nation-states that faced with economic crisis which emerged through the war.

Because the war has resulted with collapse of many empires and old world economic system began to fall down. The undesirable life standards of people have caused in Europe to the two directions of nationalist strategy including socialist-communist movement beginning of 1917 in Russia and national-socialist in Germany especially beginning from 1930s. Nationalist and socialist movement in these two countries are brilliant examples for explanation how national-political elites use economic crisis for to get legitimacy for their authority. “The national character of the ruling elite is deep in negative nationalism and negative socialism, the socialism is anchored on the state as an entrepreneur and controller in the economy under the false ideology: the government is protecting the people.” Socialist movement in Russia lead by Bolsheviks under the leadership of V.I. Lenin and nationalist-socialism leaded by Adolph Hitler in Germany have based on above false idea.

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Bolsheviks focused on to gather all workers from all parts of the empire to bring them together. They applied to different kind of nationalism emerged by them which can be called worker class nationalism under the idea to economically protect workers from property owners o rich people.


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