Getting styled loosely to maintain the texture.

Getting fresh looks everyday every week has become a newexclusive trend among the youngsters. The fashion industry is leaving no stonesunturned to meet this upcoming demand. This has we can say brought in arevolutionary change in men’s salon industry.

The side-parting haircuts and flowing extra voluminous hairare gearing up the fashion eye of the stylish males. It is surprising to seehow much variety has arrived from these two basic needs. As already mentionedwe are getting to see longer hairstyles with movement and flow and using a blowdryer to gain that extra volume and the exaggerated flow is another adds on tothe style quotient.Let’s have a look at the recurring haircuts men are choosinglately.1.

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       Side Part HairstyleIn this hairstyle hair is left at mediumlength at the top which are most commonly seen to be swept backwards and thendivided by a side partition. This has come to become one of the classic men’shairstyle lately. The highlight of this hairstyle is the longer hair at the topthat creates an illusion of disconnectivity. 2.       Medium Length HairThis haircut is the combination of theclassic as well as stylish look mostly opted by famous personalities andmodels. In this the hair retains the medium length and is styled loosely tomaintain the texture.

This haircut looks the best with side parting hairstyles.3.       Mushroom CutThis was a style quit popular in the 90’swhich is now back in style. This style is created by making the hair around thesides shorter and leaving the hair on the top long. This contrast longer andshorter hair creates the highlight of the hairstyle.4.       Military Cut Though military cuts are not known tofashionable trendy or stylish, the right choice according to the personalitycan create a image on its on.

It all began as a part of the discipline routinesin military but lately some of the military styles like fade, undercut, buzzcut and crew cut has raised in popularity among men. 5.       Low Fade HaircutThis haircut had been gaining popularitylately after high focus on high fade last years. Low fades can be added to anyhairstyle. All the low fade follows the arc in the hairline which creates thehighlight of the hairstyle.



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