” families. This is the sad reality

” Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”
~ Chinese Proverb

5.1 Unemployment is the foundation on which many social issues are built upon. Unemployed youth are identified by their lack of employability resulting from a wide variety of socio-economic factors. They often come from schools which do not offer high standards of education, have dropped out of school and undoubtedly do not have the education and communication skills needed in the labour market. They also have little to no work experience, which is a particularly undesirable characteristic for employers. These young people come from disadvantaged homes and schools. They tend not to have sufficient financial resources to enable mobility to areas where there is demand for labour. Of those who do have resources available, they often have unrealistically high reservation wages, thereby resulting in relatively long periods of unsuccessful searching. The unemployment rate will lead to a decay in humanity and society and will have long term socio economic problems. Unemployment creates a chain reaction or a domino effect of socio economic problems such as poverty which then forces people suffering from unemployment to resort to other means of income which usually ends up being illegal activities. They turn to stealing, substance abuse, prostitution and human trafficking and the list goes on. In the process, these people loose their pride, their dignity, their respect and their honesty all in an effort to feed their families. This is the sad reality of their brutal existence. They were forced into this situation and I feel like it is my duty to help, not just because it’s going to benefit me but because to be human is to care for each other, so I can’t call myself human when I see all these people suffering in front of me.

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5.3 The education system is generally poor and therefore there is a mixup of too many unskilled labour and insufficient skilled labour. This has been worsened by the extension tertiary sector of the economy with the expensive of the primary at a rate far faster than the country can be retaught. Minimum wages that employers have which stop them from employing people at a wage in which both parties would be prepared to work for. This show how strong the political/ bargaining power of organized labour is. Overly protective labour laws make it almost less appealing to hire new staff. Then there’s the vicious circle of poverty. The long-unemployed become nearly unemployable as skills get rusty and the ability to perform at high standards decreases. Also having no skills or even the wrong skilled can make it intensely hard to find employment


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