Global more with other countries to decrease

Global Warming –Cause, Effect & SolutionManikandan Abiraman-AIN05828With the advancement of science and research into new areas, it has been discovered that there have been vast changes to the environment.

The Global Temperature is raised up averagely and it’s recorded at high for last fifty years. There are two major causes of global warming occurrence, they are Greenhouse gasses which consist of carbon-di-oxide, Methane and Nitrous-oxide, and Deforestation. The Major effect of Global warming are Melting glacier, rising sea level, forest, farm and cities will face troublesome and Habitat extinction such as coral reef and alpine meadows. In order to avoid this worst effect of global temperature rise, we have to do more with other countries to decrease our usage of fossil fuel, energy should be generated without carbon emission, renewable energy should be encouraged, reduce usage of water for coal power plant and drive fuel-efficient vehicle and shrink of a carbon-di-oxide profile.

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Finally, control of global warming is the very important thing for Human being to build healthy and more secure communities for a future generation.


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