Globalization in their daily life, this huge

Globalization has affected the food habits of people in UAE. There are many food habits around the world, each food habit relates to a country, some countries have same food habits, no doubt, that there are still many similarities and few differences about the food Habits of the past and present generations.There are many differences in food habits in the UAE between past and present. Firstly, in the past, our grandparents were eating fresh and healthy food however nowadays people eat Canned food. Secondly, the way of eating food is totally changed between the past and present, in the past, Emirates people were eating their food by their hands, in nowadays Emirates people eating their food by using spoon, fork or knife.

Likewise, Emirates families in the past were eating their meals together on one huge plate, these days, they eat their meals individual in different plates. Also, most of the time they prefer to eat in restaurant while in the past they ate most of the meals in their home.There are few similarities in food habits in the UAE from the past till now. Emirates families in the past were gathered every Friday after the pray in the grandpa house to eat the lunch together they still follow this habit in these days, Emirates people still eating the traditional food but not so much same as they were eating it in the past such as Harees, Kabsa, and Lqeemat.All in all, Emirates people prefer to follow the huge change in food habits in UAE in their daily life, this huge change in food habits between past and now has many differents more than the similarities.

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