“Globalization worldwide native. Globalization has had a huge

“Globalization is a process of increasing interconnectedness of people, products, ideas, and places” (Corrigall-Brown, 2016:45).

Because of globalization, it looks as though the whole world has grown up as one country and each individual on earth has turned into a worldwide native. Globalization has had a huge positive impact on branding strategies as many companies such as Samsung, Apple, and Pepsi have moved from a multi domestic to a global marketing. This essay will include both the positive and negative sides of globalization and will answer the questions related to the manufacturing and marketing of Pepsi.Firstly, Globalization tries to unite people all around the world and improve relationship between countries when countries import their products, they develop bond with each other which is good for both.

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For instance, India exports tea and iron ore to other countries and import automobiles and so on. “Globalization is conceptualized as a process that erodes national boundaries, integrates national economies, cultures, technologies and governance, and produces complex relations of mutual interdependence” (Gonzalez 23). Globalization increases the marketing as we can sell more goods and make more money. Therefore, it raises the national economy also with the advancement of technology our communication system has improved a lot, we can send and receive emails, messages to our near ones with the blinking of eye in any part of the world. On the other hand, Globalization may lead to some environmental problems which may cause some serious diseases. For example, a company may want to build factories in other countries because environmental laws are not as strict as they are at home countries.

Furthermore, it may lead to loss of cultural identities as western ideas are always imposed on the eastern thoughts and also it can put smaller companies at disadvantages as they don’t have resources to compete at global scale. Pepsi is a carbonated soft drink created in 1893 by ‘Caleb Bradham’ with kola nuts and catalyst pepsin and it is named as Brad’s drink, however in 1961 it was renamed as Pepsi. In Pepsi merchandisers earn $14.99 per hour and delivery driver earn $16.98 per hour where as truck driver earn $19.

00 per hour. Prices vary with different sizes as 2L bottle costs $1.50 where as 12 Oz bottles costs $3.68. Working conditions are quiet good in Pepsi, they provide fair wages, safe environment and promote workplace free of discrimination and harassment.

Pepsi also respect the human rights of their employees.


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