Globalization environment, cultures, political systems, economic development, social

Globalization is the process in which people, companies, and governments of different nations interact and integrate with one another. The primary factors that drives this process is international trade and foreign investment and is further supported by the rapid advancement of social technologies. Although the primary reason for globalization is to increase trade, it has held effects on the environment, cultures, political systems, economic development, social standards and as well as health standards of multiple societies around the world.

Although the term globalization is recent, only being a couple of decades old, the concept of it could be traced very long time ago. While some historians credit its trace to the third millennium B.C as being the first instance in which globalization appeared, other historian claim it was during the discovery of the Americas in which the first true trace of globalization appeared. This was largely due to the major inflation in the silver and gold used in the currencies of European countries that occurred because of the large imports of silver and gold from the Americas, this was known as the Price Revolution.

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