Going and has savory and impeccable service. Here

Going to a great restaurant with great food can be an experience worth remembering but it is very difficult to choose which at ones restaurants to go to when there are so many popping up everyday but here are a few. The first restaurant is in Chicago, Illinois and is called Everest. At Everest they provide an elegant french seven course meal, seven course vegan meal, and a three or four course prix fixe menu. The second restaurant is here in los Angeles, California and is called Trois Mec. The first thing about Trois Mec is that they use tickets instead of traditional reservations and to redeem a ticket you would need to be a registered member on their website. Once you do manage to get a ticket you’ll be provided to elegant dishes like Dungeness crab ceviche and beef tenderloin with smoked peanut butter. The third restaurant is in Birmingham, Alabama And is called Highlands Bar and Grill.

This restaurant first opened in 1982 and has savory and impeccable service. Here they serve orka soft shell crab and winters of root vegetables and venison. The third restaurant is in New York, New York and is called Batard. At Batard they serve food with impeccable presentation and an unlimited amount of flavors. A few of the dishes include octopus pastrami which includes braised hamhock, mustard, and potatoes, and beef short ribs with black pepper streusel and grilled wagyu beef tongue and is offered with reasonable prices.

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The fourth restaurant is in Berkeley, California and is called Chez Panisse. The food at Chez Panisse gets all its ingredients from local farms and ranches which creates a diverse menu that changes daily. The items of the menu consists of baked goat cheese to buttermilk fried rabbit with sweet potatoes. The fifth restaurant is in New York, New York and is called Babbo.

At Babbo they serve authentic Italian dishes. Babbo imports its pastas and specialty cheeses like parmigiano reggiano and other items like balsamic vinegar and prosciutto from italy. The sixth and final restaurant is in San Francisco, California and is called Campton Place Restaurant. Campton serves Cal Indian food that combines french classical food with the seasonal ingredients from south asia. The menu have a three course meal available, a spice route tasting menu, a vegan tasting menu and an lamb and game bird selections.


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