Going should not be barrier for students

Going to college is just another step for highschool graduates for students to expand their education for their career.

Students everywhere have dedicated their entire lives to education and attending college should just be another small step to expand their education. For students receiving their acceptance letter from their favorite college that could mean everything for them, but paying for their tuition is another major problem. As more and more people are attending college, the rising cost in tuition may pose a challenge to some students. Students may see tution as a barrier in choosing colleges rather than looking at the career paths that they offer However, affording college may pose as a challenge for some families as college tuitions and fee prices have started to increase in the past decade.

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Although college may be an opportunity for students to expand their education, their can be barriers that prevent some students to go college due to the high tuition.Furthermore financial problems should not be barrier for students to be able t


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