Good literature is a book that contains unique characters

Good literature is a book that contains unique characters, intriguing plots, universal themes, excellent language, and a good life lesson. The Red Badge of Courage does count as good literature because the book has themes about the coming of age and growing up. The main character, Henry, learns a couple things about life and the real world as a soldier. One of the most important realizations Henry has is that the universe does not stop for anybody and death is a tricky part of nature.
At one point in the book, Henry throws a pinecone and a squirrel runs away. He then realizes that everybody and everything will do whatever it takes to survive. This discovery is really important because Henry uses this idea as an excuse to run away from battle. This shows that Henry does not want to risk his life for his country but instead, he just wants to survive. When you’re young, you don’t really think about sacrificing your life for others so this also shows that even though he is fighting in a war, Henry is still young and innocent. Another thing that the main character discovers is that the universe does not stop for anybody. As other soldiers die, Henry then discovers this fact which actually rids him of his innocence, in a way. It is through this idea that Henry eventually realizes that death is just a part of nature.
In conclusion, The Red Badge of Courage is good literature. The book contains themes that highlight the questions and realizations we have as we grow up. These things Henry realize are that everyone and everything will do anything they can to survive in nature and the world does not stop for anyone to catch up. Therefore, The Red Badge of Courage should be considered good literature.


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