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Good morning everyone, I am Raihan from ifd batch 17 and I’m here to talk to you about, Rebranding of BMW.I’ll begin with contents. Introduction, 03 key areas of the focus of my presentation; first crisis during world war 1, second crisis during world war 2 and liquidizing of business equity. After that compare and contrast, Let me start the presentation by giving you an introduction about BMW. BMW which is known as Bavarian Motor Works in English which is a German automobile, motorcycle and engine manufacturing company which was founded in 1916. It is located in Munich, Bavaria, Germany and it is the parent company of Mini and Rolls-Royce motor cars.

BMW has made its mark in the automobile industry by luxury vehicles and their high-performance levels. Besides cars and motorcycles, BMW operates an aircraft engine under the brand name of Rolls-Royce. When talking about Rebranding, according to Collins dictionary, it is the process of giving a product or an organization a new image, in order to make it more attractive or successful.The purpose of this presentation is to create awareness on the history of BMW.

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Because even though widely-known company, not many know about its struggles.Now I would like to look at the key areas.These are 3 key areas I am going to talk about1. First crisis during world war 12. Second crisis during world war 23.

Liquidizing of business equity Now I am coming to my first key area which is the first crisis during world war 1. When the Prussian armed force requested 600 aeroplane engines from Rapp MotornWerke. And the company went to the brink of extinction to contributing German war effort.

And this allowed them to acquire Bayerische FlugzeugWerke also known as BFW. After the end of world war 1 in 1918 company was forced to cease aircraft production due to Versailles treaty. It was a treaty that ended the war between the two parties of the world war I by reprimanding Germany in order to achieve the objectives of allied powers. And on the 20th of May 1922 Camillo Castiglioni who was an Italian financier and banker and was the wealthiest man in central Europe during the world war 1. He was widely known for having owned over 170 different companies. He bought BMW name and engine building business from Knorr Bremse.

He is often recognized for having provided the financing and guidance BMW needed to become the successful automotive manufacture it is today. And in 1923, BMW expanded its business from aeroplane engines to motor cycles. The first bike they introduced was known as “R32”. BMW created a motorcycle design that was so efficient that the 1923 concept plan is still used in modern motorcycles. Next, I’m moving to my second key area. My second key area is the second crisis during world war 2. After the world war 2 bmw company was completely destroyed.

During the second world war, BMW was classified as a German armaments and war materials manufacture. BMW took on its first foreign workers in 1940. These forced labours were forcibly taken from German occupied territories or were prisoners of wars. Today, the BMW group is painfully aware of the great human suffering caused by this, and deeply regrets the fate of the forced labourers. Because BMW provided military weapons and equipment’s to the German military, allies took control of BMW and banned them from producing motorcycles for 3 years. To prevent the total destruction of the company bmw began to produce pots, pans and other kitchen tools.

Now I am moving to my third key area liquidizing the business equity. In 1959 BMW was nearly to bankrupt. Daimler Benz submitted a restructuring offer for BMW, and shareholders meeting was held to decide whether to sell the company or find a way of carrying on and it was decided to carry on. BMW presented the 1500 model at the 1961 Frankfurt Motor Show.

This was the model that re-established BMW as a successful, modern carmaker. By 1963, For the first time after second world war BMW offered profits to its investors.BMW has the highest sales in 2012 than Audi and Lexus according to the table given.

BMW series are all different and they each carry a different character, but Audi and Mercedes Benz designs are similar. BMW beats Mercedes Benz when it comes for safety, 2 series and X1 scores 10 out of 10 for their safety test taken from U.S.

News & World Report.BMW has its name for performance than Mercedes Benz and Audi.


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