Gorgeous, surely, Connie realizes that there’s something

Gorgeous, conceded fifteen-year-old Connie spends most of her time hanging out with her friends at the mall or the local drive-in. One night, an older boy spots her there and makes a comment to her about how he is going to get her in a flirtatious way. On Sunday, Connie decides to stay home while her family goes to a barbecue. The older boy, Arnold Friend, drives up with another boy possibly following her home and asks Connie to go for a ride with him and his friend in his Jalopy. She loves his faded jeans and his big black boots and briefly considers leaving with him. Slowly but surely, Connie realizes that there’s something off and weird about Arnold Friend. He appears to be wearing a wig, and he’s much older than Connie’s friends. He also knows too much about her, including that her parents are gone, where they are, and how long they’ll be, kind of creepy since Connie never told him any of these things details. Scared, Connie calls out for her mother and tries to make a call on her house phone while hiding inside her house from Arnold. Arnold tells her that if she doesn’t come out now, he’s going to wait around for her family, and they’re going to “get it.” This finally convinces Connie to come out in fear that if she doesn’t he may do something to her whole family when they arrive home form the barbecue.


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